Urinevision Mong Contest

Let RR members compose Great Britains next entry
into this complete pile of hippo-shit. To be e-mailed
into Pete Watermans InBox on completion:-

(Line 1).


? ? ?
Sing to the tune of Pinball Wizard

"When I was a junior I played a bosun's call,

From Singers to Mombassa I think I played them all,

Ever since that day in the Junior Rates dinning hall

That 3 badge AB Gunner sure played a mean bosun's call!"

We could do that one?
Tommo - I think you have a winner there! :lol:

A propos of the British entry last night, I was listening to the Eurovision on Radio 2 and thought the singer sang slightly flat throughout the whole song. I didn't think we would win, as there were distinctly better songs; I didn't think we would come last, though.

The surprise in a way is that this year's contest has been won by one of the Western European countries which used to win in olden times. I had read that the big interest in Eurovision from the former Eastern bloc and tangible partisan voting meant that this wouldn't happen in future, but this is clearly not so.
I'm in love with a 3 badge stoker.
He loves me and I play with his poker.

From the Sound of Music. High on a hillside stood a lowly goat turd.


Im gonna tell you how its gonna be,
you're gonna drop your nicks for me.

Im gonna ram it up your bum,
You're gonna sing, ah ah hum hum.

With royalties paid to the Rolling Stones.
I can tell you,he was singing slightly flat and I have every sympathy with him,he did his best with a mediocre song I can't even remember now and I make a living out of music.
No way he should be last,vocalists sing flat when nervous,far better that than singing sharp,that is a screech to the ears.
Germans won with another mediocre song but they have just bailed out a lot of Euro nations with cash,they were bound to win!
We could have penned a song like "Whiter Shade of Pale" we still would have come nowhere.
I'm pretty fed up with it even though there were two or three really good ballads in there, but ballads don't win often.
It's a political charade,next year put some girls in see thru mini dresses with a disco theme and we will be up there.
not me chief! spend spent my time playing piano in crap places with crap singers in front of crap regulars who wouldn't put a pound in my jar for a song even when I have a notice up it's for the Help4Heroes fund.
Still, I can put on a good Les Dawson piano act.
I knew him and he was a fine piano player in real life.
8) To the tune of Auld angsign [ You know that Scots New Year thing at 2359 hrs well pissed, however its spelling.] " Your arse ya cnut,yer arse ya cnut yer arse." repeat for hours. Best heard on the last bus from Weymouth to Portland. :x
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