Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sophielou007, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I desperately need some help! I have a travel warrant to go away with the navy on monday (17th jan) and I just looked at my letter which came with it and it says in bold letters (so I don't know how I missed it) that the warrant is only valid for 30 days and I need to exchange it for a ticket for the necessary dates before it expires. However it doesn't have a valid from date or a valid too date just a date where it has been signed (which is the 7th Dec) so does this mean that its 30 days from that signature or that there isn't a date it expires? If it has expired do you think it will be possible to get a replacement for the trip?

    Any advice would be appreciated,

  2. Take it down to the station and try it you'll soon find out.
  3. Hi Sophie,

    Ring your careers advisor tomorrow, they will be able to write you a new warrant. If you live local to your careers office you could just pop in as well. You must do it tomorrow though as time is getting short.


  4. I'm with Bambi on this one, chances are when you hand it in at the ticket office they won't even look at the date. If it works then there's no need to go to the careers office and admit you've been a tit!

    If it doesn't work, head to the AFCO for a swap.
  5. And I'm with the chap who works in the Careers Office, as I've an inkling that he might actually know what he's talking about.
  6. Thanks, I think I do

  7. I'm with SM as well my idea was just an idea, SM's is a solution and knows what he's on about, I do not!
  8. Thanks for the comments, I think I will give the navy office a ring today as I'm not a a position at the moment to try it out at the train station till thursday evening. Which if it doesn't work would be really bad.

    P.s. Clearly will read everything in future more clearly :)
  9. Yeah, wouldn't want to rush things eh?:hmph: :roll:
  10. I am on the same trip, Culdrose right? :)
  11. Hmm, what a weekend awaits Mr Arrogant and Miss Lackadaisical.
    Enjoy, you deserve each other.
  12. Yes, it is culdrose! Where are you travelling from?
  13. Early nomination for post of the year in 11 months time! Had me in sitches!
  14. From far in the East, My name is David, see you then ha! :)
  15. I'm glad you aren't flying as there wouldn't be any room seeing as your cockpit has been filled to the max on more than one occasion!!
  16. Hey guys, how do you get on this course? I live near Culdrose (but I'm not Cornish).
  17. Suck things!
  18. Cheers for that intelligent input. Aren't you that bloke who failed Raleigh?
  19. Ha ha! Quality!

    Chico you just got tubed by Gemma.
  20. Have you been HMS Raleigh? Have you passed out? No. Once you do come back and your welcome to say that, until then shut your trap!

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