Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 2011

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by soleil, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. UK Graduate Engineers are urgently required for a January 2011 start as Weapon Engineer Officers. For further details call 0845 6020 242.
  2. Funnily enough this is the role I want and in the process of applying for, but I haven't had my SIFT yet and it's not due until next month, so I am somewhat dubious that I could get my AIB done before January (although it should be noted that I'm willing to try).
  3. Ring the number mate, by the sounds of Sol's post you could be fast tracked through sift and AIB.
  4. Hopefully Soleil will come back to confirm. I'm not an engineering graduate, but I have a physics degree and AIB have confirmed it is acceptable.

    I have a thing about queue jumping, but if there's the possibility to get in for January I'm willing to push the issue (and indeed ring the number in this case).

    edit- I also don't want to ring the number and when asked about how I got the number and how did I know there was a urgent call for engineering graduates for AIB in January, my response is 'some guy off the rum ration forum said so' (I know Soleil is a recruiter, no offense intended).
  5. Just call the damned number man!!! Hehe couldnt resist there. Seriously though, call it and that'll be the best way to find out. Sol knows her stuff and aint posted a wrong thing yet. :)
  6. I am a recruiter for the RN and RM, we had a memo that came out saying that if we had any WE officer candidates then they should be processed as quickly as possible for the entry in Jan 2011.

    "As you are aware, WE Officers currently stand as our No1 recruiting priority and hence the requirement to see if we can get candidates through AIB up to 15 Dec 10."

    I don't know where Soleil got her number from, she is not a recruiter, but is a good source of normally correct information.



    PS taken form an official website:-

    How To Apply
    We are recruiting Engineer graduates now for flexible start dates throughout the year.
    Call us today on 08456 020 242 or visit us at: www.royalnavy.mod.uk/careers and click on the ‘Officer’ link for more information.
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is this crisis because of SDSR uncertainty, or is the RN not paying officers enough?
  8. Ah peer pressure.

    Well I rang it. Spoke to someone. The 'where did you hear this information' question came out. My reponse was along the lines of the rum ration forum (I'm honest to a fault, even if I do make myself look foolish sometimes).

    Long story short I was told to go through my office that my application is going through as the call was for people who showed interest previously.

    Nothing lost, nothing gained I'm afraid.
  9. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20

    Bah. Going in as a WE at rating level. If i'd known the wait was gonna be this long i would have gone and done an engineering degree and done it at officer level. :p
  10. Many thanks Supermario.
    The woman I spoke to seemed a little bermused as to why I was ringing, but she was in the engineering department.
  11. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20

    CNR (the Royal Navy's Recruiting Section) began publicising this itself on Social Networking sites yesterday.

    I verified all the details with a very well placed friend indeed before I wrote this up on here.
  12. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20

    That makes the response I got down the phone even more perplexing.

    How do you think I should proceed Soleil?

    I could chase either my local AFCO where I applied originally, or the Naval Home Command in Peterborough where my application has been handed over to in recent weeks.
    Alas my SIFT date is still being established due to the officer that I was to have my interview with is now unavailable and they are having to arrange for someone else to take over their role for a brief spell (so a potential backlog).

    Many thanks

    edit- Apologies Soleil, I did not mean for it to come across as a refute to the information. I'm certain it is valid.
  13. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20


    No worries.

    You have a PM.
  14. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20

    Would this be likely to affect WEO entries in the April intake for better or for worse? (presuming there will be any intakes next year at all of course!)
  15. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20

    Well yes, If they don't get enough at the Jan entry then they will require more at the April entry. WEO is a shortage job at the moment and will probably still be so in April 2011.


  16. Apologies for reviving this thread, but it's on topic (to an extent) and I didn't want to start a new one.

    I visited the Navy Day event at the beginning of August and it was mentioned to me before you become a DWEO, you have a spell as a Assistant Weapons Engineering Officer (AWEO).
    I've had a look around via google and the rum ration search engine and could only find something dated from 2006 and it was a passing remark (post 11 - http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=560/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=0.html).

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this position. As it is not on the official documentation, I was wondering if it had been done away with or was applicable in only some circumstances (a one off a rule does not make as it were).

    It was mentioned that it was a short stint prior to undergoing phase 2 at HMS Collingwood, but that could well be poor recall on my part.

    Many thanks
  17. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    OJ, you're not far off the mark. AWEOs are employed in a Specialist Fleet Time type role, getting their head around the department before attending course to consolidate this experience gained. In submarines, they are in a training billet to achieve their Basic Submarine Qualification and are awarded their dolphins during this time (subject to passing the board, and walkrounds!). It is normally conducted before Phase 2 at Collingwood, that is correct.
  18. So usually they would pass out and (pending downtime/R&R if applicable) experience some time on ship in their chosen department before the 10 month period at HMS Collingwood.
    Would such phases count as almost an apprenticeship role with some leadership aspect thrown in to keep them on their toes/prevent skill fade.
    As my understanding goes, during the IFT in term 2, they would spend maybe a week or so in each department. So at the point of passing out, they have an extremely liimited knowledge of the comms, sensors and weapon systems on board, so can't contribute as much as learn their role and place within the department.

    Apologies on the succession of questions. This is something I am quite ignorant on and as mentioned, there is not (if any) information on this subject. As my future career (fingers crossed), I would like to learn as much as possible.

    Many thanks


    I have just re read something you sent to me over 2 months ago when a lot of this was still new to me. Apologies as I see you have covered these aspects. I think I had just come back from the Navy Day so it didn't click. But re reading it now and being aware of the JO pipeline, it makes sense.
    Many thanks again for your assistance.
  19. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20

    I'm starting in the January 2011 intake with the weapons engineer role. Is it possible to switch to weapon engineer (submariner) part way through BRNC?
    I am presuming there will be plenty of opportunity to volunteer? lol.
  20. Re: Urgent Requirement For Engineers To Start As WEOs Jan 20

    Most definitely RobW



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