Urgent Posthumous presentation Help !!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by P998456L, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. One of my mates was killed in a road accident on Thurday, yesterday. He was an ex marine cadet and I was ex RMR (no lid though, 2 yrs of failing the course), so of course we had all the banter of being 'with perce' etc etc and the 'Proper Corps'.
    We are both Engineer TA now, he was due to join the Army Air Corps and his leaving present was the buttons, collar dogs etc from Lovats and a Union locket. I said I'd get some Lovat material to mount them on so I could get them framed up for his leaving presentation. Sadly he is leaving the mess but I still want to get it made up as his presentation if you get me.

    By coincidence I managed to pick up a lovat jacket from ebay, it had 7 hours to go but I need a stone shirt and tie. Do you know where I can get one from as I need it ASAP, the funeral will be next week. I'd like to present it for him at the wake before the funeral.

  2. http://www.onceamarinealwaysamarine.co.uk/

    Try this site mate there are former and serving Bootnecks on there that might be able to help.

    RIP to your friend

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.


    What is the latest news re your search for the shirt in question?
  4. Not looking good to be honest mate, the funeral is on Monday, a bit sooner than we thought and still no joy.

    Have to keep searching abit more I guess.

    Cheers for your thoughts though chaps.
  5. Cheers mate , nothing popped up when I looked for it - will try when I get home.

    Jacket came up trumps though. Baaaaaaad news is that instead of having the wake properly on the Sunday night .... the quote is at the moment "you can stay for a few hours and move on ....(don't stay the night) ". Methinks they don't mean move on to the sandwich stop for an early morning egg banjo.

    Words fail me


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