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The idea is simple: a few hundred women in the UK agree to keep a diary of their thoughts and actions on a specified day during June 2007

I am looking for women across the UK who will agree to keep a day diary of their thoughts and actions on one particular day.

This title will focus on what women across the Uk are really doing, thinking and feeling as they go through their day, whether they are employed in an office, work at home, study or tame lions! What is a day in the life like for a private investigator, a housecleaner, a casting director, a CEO, a soap opera star, a hospice volunteer, a dental hygienist, a ghost buster…? The One Life book project invites hundreds of working women (whether that work comes with a paycheck or not) to create a day diary on the very same day.

This anthology will be a celebration of the real lives of women on an ordinary day.

As part of this project approximately 1000 women in the UK (age 21 or older) will contribute a day diary on a single date – in June 2007. From these submissions, we will feature about thirty complete day diaries in the book, as well as a range of excerpts on job-related issues. While page parameters make it impossible to include entries from all the contributors, we value the participation of each and every day diarist, and seriously consider all submissions.
If you would like to participate then please email and we will send you a participation confirmation agreement and guidelines
email: [email protected]


War Hero
Whilst your project sounds interesting you are currently committing a cardinal sin with multiple postings of the same topic on several subjects, we get the idea, stop it now!
Womms Studies 101 circa 1978-2002 ... Give us a break. The argument has moved on. PS I think it's cool women skipper ships. Can they climb a wet cliff face with full kit and rifle? Ferk knows, it used to scare the shit out of me though :)

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