URGENT Please help Ashtead Royal British Legion

I am a resident of Ashtead, Surrey and am trying to help save the storage accommodation that Ashtead Royal British Legion Branch have used for the last 40 years. The Branch meet at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall and have done so since it was built in the 1920s. They have used an Air Raid Warden Post, built at the rear of the Hall, for over 40 years to store all their Poppy stuff and other Branch material but now they have been thrown out of it against their wishes. The Trustees of the Hall want to demolish it and just put a bit of tarmac in its place, which the vast majority of Hall users will never see!

This week, the Trustees cut off the electricity to the Storage, meaning the the RBL organisers had to empty their stuff by torchlight. I think this is a despicable way to treat the RBL. One of their organisers had tears in her eyes as she was emtpying their stuff and the replacement storage given to them is so small that they are having to throw things away. I am very angry that this is happening to such good decent people.

Therefore, I am asking that anybody/everybody e-mail the Trustees and ask them to stop the demolition (which could happen next week) and give the RBL back their storage accommodation. If you could spare the time to help, please e-mail:
[email protected]
and send a copy (which makes sure it will be seen) to:
[email protected]

I just hope that if enough people make a protest, the Trustees might be forced to take notice and do the right thing for the RBL and give them back their storage and their dignity.

Thank you.

Edwin Chappell

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