Urgent people with kids born post 1996 pre 2004

You have until the 31st Jan 2009 to make your claim
it could be upto £1000 cash lump sum

Pre 2004 Child Tax Credit was paid as Childrens Tax Credit as an adjustment to your TAX CODE a lot lost out

To adjust this you need to claim before 31 jan 09

on the green banner that appears there is a search box enter
FORMS and hit search
You will be given a page FIND FORM
Enter 11ctc and hit search
It will come up with 11CTC
Click on it and you will be offered a pdf form to download and hyperlinks of which office you need to send it to

Fill out the form and fire it off to the office
They will acces what you are due and send you the spondooliks OR a letter saying sorry you already had it in your tax code

This is Inland Revenue NOT Child Tax Credit people

Time is running out

Jack McH
Good post JM

We've got our form submitted.

I notice the b*stards spend a fortune telling you how they're gonna find people who are taking liberties with benefits but they don't spend a penny to telly you how they've been taking liberties for years. :x

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