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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by dudzRN, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Just buggered my knee playing football, twisted it really sharply and now it's swollen up and i dare not bend it. Heres the problem, i'm due to start at Raleigh tomorrow! I'm absolutely gutted and now need to contact my CA but i can't get hold of the AFCO to tell them as it's closed by now and the telephone numbers for Raleigh state Mon-Fri 8am-5pm on the mod website. Anybody know who i need to inform and how i can do so? Please, anyone that can help? I dont wanna just not show up tomorrow.

    Ninja Edit:

  2. Give me a few minutes, I'll see what I can do.
  3. Thankyou!
  4. Dudz

    Please PM me your name and phone number.
  5. Best of luck dudz whatever happens. Really feel for you buddy. got my fingers crossed for ya that it aint too bad
  6. Buggering a knee paints a horrible picture in my mind.
  7. Swollen sounds like ligaments, could be nasty one, did mine playing football, they went off like a loud crack sound, tore both cruciates, nine months later still on crutches
  8. Dudz is in X-Ray at the moment, so we should know the score later this evening.
  9. Sounds like a cruciate...
  10. Cough ^^
  11. Diagnosis is a sprain of the Medial Collateral Ligament.
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I've been speaking with Soleil over the phone and shes been very helpful, cannot offer enough praise :)

    Ninja, i'll give that number a call first thing in the morning, fingers crossed i heal up nicely.
  13. All the best for a speedy recovery, bit of a spanner in the works but hopefully it will all work out!!
  14. In English ? lol
  15. I think that as a guy starting a new life on the following Monday
    I would have taken the opportunity of having a quiet weekend to pack bags and just have a quiet time.

    Playing sports with a risk of hurting oneself or becoming unfit would have been the big ''not this weekend '' reply to all .

    Hope it all mends and you become fit again soon ---hope the RN
    gives you another joininng date fairly quickly once you are fit

  16. G - Wise advice. But WTD? Cotton wool issues for all on receipt of their joining date? Life is for living, stuff happens, usually at the wrong time....

    Soliel - A Big BZ for going the extra mile on this ("only-an-unofficial") excellent website.

    dudzRN - Unlike most RR newbies you left it a tad late to seek pre-joining advice, didn't you? 8O :wink:
    Here's hoping that you re-gain fitness/entry soonest.
    Meanwhile dont forget that No. Nija posted (he's one of our resident Recruiters - on unpaid overtime, again!) and please keep us all at RR informed of your progress.
    Oh, and beware of Jo-Jo. He may be along shortly to offer convalescent facilities in his state-of-the-art-sound-proofed cellar - Ignore him :wink:

  17. This is the kind of thing that makes RR great. BZ Soleil!
  18. It's not soundproofed mate; I just live remotely enough to allow the screams to carry.
  19. :lol:

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