URGENT HELP NEEDED - Holidays 4 Heroes

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Over the weekend an arrser made us aware of a shark outfit taking advantage of a 24 yr served, disabled (mentally and physically) RCT / RLC type.

    His house has gone through the suspended and possessed route and they are still in there (just) having been given a short stay of eviction from a county court judge who was able to see the bigger picture.

    Oddly, the arrears (£2500) aren't a ridiculous amount in the grand scheme of things, but the payments in relation to amount borrowed are crippling...... His wife is at the end of her tether and is trying to do her best. To their credit, apart from the pirate mortgage there are no other amounts owing, even council tax and water is upto date.

    She is going to work, so it was the 24 yr soldier who was greeted by the bailiffs wanting to evict him......... It won't be happening again.

    We'll be working this week to either re mortgage them (doubtful) or push through a scenario where their mortgage payments drop significantly, that way they can live on his pension and attendance allowance (when awarded)

    SSAFA are aware, be we all know that the flash to bang time isn't as quick as ours and as much as trogs are crap we can't have one thrown on the streets :D

    We need some help in reducing arrears by whatever amount possible, prior to MDN attending court later this week to get all this nonsense set aside and relieving this family from the absolute torture this loan outfit are putting them through

    paypal: info @ holidays4heroes.org

    HSBC: Holidays4heroes

    Sort code: 40-12-09
    Acct No: 41416081
  2. Get paid on the 28th, will pop a tenner in asap.
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good man!!!!!!

    Use paypal, its safe quick & easy.
  4. paypal done
  5. BUMP.

    Even if you can't afford to donate, please try and keep this bumped on the front page until solved so others who can are aware of it.

    Cheers everyone, I love you all really.

  6. I have donated Monty. It isn't much as I haven't been paid from my new job yet, but I guess every little helps.
  7. As a bonafide piss stained old fcuker the pay pal maze was a bastard.
    Pleased to report problem solved and money on its way.

    Class act this one Montey. :D
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Once you've got pass the maze of palpay, email, account, card,paying pennies back, paying for anything on the net is easy.

    Good man Rumrat!!!!!
  9. I just did a bank transfer from my account, much easier!
  10. Righto, get paid tomorrow, got his details, sorting some cash.
    Good one, Monty.
  11. BUMP


    NOW..........................................................................Pretty please of course :lol:
  12. By God! It makes sense now, you're the guy MLP was talking about!!
  13. I just go to various dole centers jabber in pigeon polish and get emergency payments.

    Compare the polish, dot com. Simples. :D
  14. bump

  17. bump
  18. MLP

    Is there enough in the kitty to keep them in their house yet?
  19. Good job I have already donated Monty as that wouldn't encourage me. Equal opps and all that, where is the hottie man for us women here!

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