Urgent funeral request for 99 year old ex serviceman - 11am in Lytham, Lancs

sent to me by email:

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[TD]WW2 funeral tmrw [now TODAY] - 99 year old Harold Percival, single, no living relatives. Undertaker appealed to 'service personnel' to honour his funeral. 11am Monday 11th November at Lytham Crem. (Lancashire). He was in RAF Bomber Command. Enquiries Roland Whitehead 01253/780860[/TD]

If anyone can make this then I think you would be doing about the best possible contribution to remembrance. I would say about the exact opposite of the Facebook extravangzas that most have been so critical of.

If anyone has any contacts in military units in the area please pass this on.
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Yes, I just saw that. Not so urgent after all. I had in my mind an empty crematorium. He won't be going to his grave lonely I think. I'm sure all attendance still welcome.
Is it just me who has a bit of an issue with this?

No one gave a **** about these blokes when they were alive, spending their final years in care homes, so why the sudden rush of people stepping forward to show their support after they've carked it?

I saw this letter in yesterday's paper which pretty much sums it up for me.

If ever there was a moment that showed the world what we have become, it was the manner in which a reclusive 99 year old man's funeral was hijacked into a social media 'happening' for Armistice Day for a 'War Hero' who never saw combat throughout WWII.

A show of compassion? Or self indulgent grief tourism where the 'mourners' could congratulate themselves at being so 'compassionate' towards a man they cared so little about while he was alive that he rotted away his last years alone in the living death of a care home?
Here's an idea, if you give enough of a **** to turn out for the funeral of someone you've never met, why not spend that day volunteering at a care home instead?

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