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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by spannerman, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Hi all...My Daughter has been in sea cadets for many years and has always wanted to join the navy. We went to HMS Eaglet in Liverpool to start the application process and was told that if she has ever suffered with migranes then she would not be allowed to join up. We were totally devistated and we left very upset.. She last suffered with a migrane about two months ago.

    We do understand that working on naval ship and coming down with a migrane is not good. But is it possible that she could still apply and possible become a writer with in the navy?

    Or if she had medication would she still be allowed to join up and work on a ship?

    Many thanks for reading....Keith
  2. Keith

    Rum Ration has a Royal Navy Medical Officer on board and he drops in to do a ward round most days. I haven't seen him around today, which might mean a late evening ward round is imminent. I'm sure that he will reply to this thread when he sees your message later.
  3. I hope so.....My Daughter is so distraught. She originally wanted to go into the CIS. But that definetly looks out of the window now...We can see why having a migrane in combat could potentially be a problem....

    We are hoping that all doors are not closed..My Daughter would consider being a writer on mainland if she is not allowed at sea..

    She has always loved the sea cadets and has wanted to join the navy for many years....
  4. Unfortunately that's not an option. Availability for a sea draft is part of it. Maybe angry doc may provide some good news - best of luck.
  5. Keith

    How did the subject of migraines come up when you were speaking to the CAs?
  6. The chap asked if my Daughter had suffered from any ailments such as asthma allergies ect then at the end he asked her if 'she has ever suffered from migraines'. Her answer was 'yes'. He then replied that she could still apply but she would be turned down due to migraine

    We left gutted....the tears were flowing down her face...

    She has been that commited she has been working on her endurance fitness in our home gym for the last eight months, even though the fitness test would have been along way off...
  7. I think that AngryDoc might have been online earlier this evening and I didn't realise, Keith. He often pops up at odd hours, so it might be best to check back again in the morning.
  8. Have answered on the other thread. If she's really committed my advice is always to apply but I'd advise caution in that ongoing migraine is a preclusion to entry.

  9. Keith

    As an aside and regardless of your daughter's hopes about joining the RN, have you asked her GP for extra help with dealing with these migraines? In my area, there is a specialist migraine clinic. I'm wondering whether there is similar specialist help available to you via your GP?

    I suggest this because, career aspirations aside, it must be very debilitating for a young woman to be beset by migraine in this way.
  10. Its very rare she gets them and they do seem to be getting less...she gets one roughly every six months...

    I wonder...if she had medication to try to prevent them would the navy be more willing to accept her?
  11. I know you're grasping at straws, but the use of prophylactic medication (ie preventative meds) is a big no no.
  12. Thanks for your advice...Yes your right I am clutching at straws.....She is only sixteen years of age....I suppose we will just have to wait and see if she eventually grows out of them....Its a damn shame, from the age of nine she has been in the sea cadets. She has never missed a parade or any functions. She loves it so much.

    Thank you all for your help your advice has been invaluable. Especially you angrydoc
  13. Keith

    Just speaking in general and regardless of your daughter's interest in joining the RN ...

    Although this isn't the answer you are hoping for, it may help you to touch base with an organisation such as Migraine Action. Its website has lots of information on migraine and a helpline which you can ring. It could be that, via MA, you might be able to find out something which helps your daughter. Even if MA just helps her track her migraines and identify when they happen, that would seem to me to be progress.

    Have a look at their website anyway, there may be something useful there:

    About us
  14. Would your Daughter consider the MN? Although im not sure what their medical regulations regarding migraines are,it might be an option.

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