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  1. So this should probably go in the 'Sports' section, but seeing as I am still fairly new to this, I think I will just post it here anyway (and probably invoke the ire of some people).

    Anyway has anyone done an 'Urbathon' before? There is one on in Edinburgh in October, its a 10km assault course thingy but through the city. They are fairly vague as to what it actually entails, but looks great! I was thinking of entering it and wanted to know if anyone had done one, or something similar (I believe Mens Health have a similar event each year) before? The link is below;


    Well that's about five posts in one night, so I think before I exhaust myself I shall stop there.
  2. So that's what that wacky man was doing in front of Holyrood the other day.

    I have some friends wanting to do it, but they are into this whole free running parkour malarky...

  3. And that's a non-sport if ever there was one.
  4. my use of the word "malarky" rather indicates my belief it is a non sport also.
  5. well glad to see that was a popular choice then...:)

    I think parkour is actually pretty impressive to be honest (and this will no doubt make the thread far more interesting).

    I await your abuse:D
  6. Free running and parkour are two different things, for what it's worth.
  7. It's still a non sport.
  8. oh I know that, but I didn't think there was much to be added by differentiating between the two.

    Anyway as far as I am aware the 'urbathon' doesn't revolve around either in particular, just running and...well don' know what else
  9. Takes a greater base of strength and fitness than chasing a sack of air or hitting a lump of leather.
  10. The "urbathon" is not a new concept and has in effect been around the Fleet for some decades now.
    The first ever "Urbathon" took place in Plymouth on the 22nd June 1884 and coincided with the opening of the 96th public house in Union Street.
    It was known as "shooting the rapids" and the object was to start off at on end and side of the street and drink a half pint in each pub. the winner was the team who made it down one side of the street and up the other side.
    As sailors became more tolerant to alcohol, a series of handicaps was introduced by a CPO Wtr from Portsmouth. These handicaps involved moving cars, more shore patrols and female tarts on the pull.
    Similar courses were also designed in Portsmouth, Portland, and Malta.
    We did all this without the aid of running shoes and personal trainers :lol:
    I hope this goes some way to answering your question!
  11. Trelawney remembers it well...as he was there in 1884 :D :wink:
  12. I had a good tutor dad :oops:
  13. www.toughguy.co.uk

    Get Tough Guy under your belt! I did the Summer event a few weeks ago, in training for the Winter event in January now. Lots of cold showers and running with wet clothes on, great character-building!

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