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Urban myth turns out to be true!


War Hero
A scouse urban myth is true apparently.

Taken from this week's Popbitch:

Akinwale Arobieke, a Liverpool man, has
been ordered by a judge not to feel people's
muscles. During the last 20 years around
Merseyside people have been sharing stories
about a character called Purple Aki, until he
became little more than an urban myth. Kids
scared each other with stories that Aki would
approach muscular boys in gyms and give them
the option of being bummed or their face
slashed with a razor. It seems that although
Purple Aki, in reality, wasn't that bad, he
was pretty weird. Aki has been ordered not to
"touch, feel or measure muscles or ask
people to do squat exercises in public."


It's true! The BBC says so!
wkdwren said:
No its completly true, we've seen him around Liverpool.

Why would anyone want to feel someones muscles though?!!
I saw him in Rubies during the 70's, but in those days he was a hatter called Wally and no, I don't know why he would want to feel somebodys muscle. :lol:

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