Upper Yardman information please


I know there has been a similar thread to this but I was just wondering if anyone could give me information and tips as I would like to go down this route to becoming an officer.

I am about to finish 6th form in two weeks and have been waiting to enter the Royal Navy as a Warfare Specialist since August 2010 and so I am waiting for my date but if I work it out with the waiting lists it should be roughly April 2013.

I have taken A levels in Music Technology, History and Sociology and I am predicted BBB on results day and have.

Although my predicted grades will give me the 180 UCAS points and I have 5 A*'s, 5 A's, 3 B's and 2 C's at GCSE.

Given that I have all of these qualifications when I decide that I am ready how do I go along the route of applying to be an Officer from a Rating.

Also will these qualifications help me if I am interested in following the NCO route.

Any information would be greatly appreciated :)


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There aren't waiting lists for officers, unless something mad has happened recently...

Go through Dartmouth as a Midshipman and the Navy will give you a degree for free as part of your studies. If you want to be an officer you might as well try and go in directly now, you'll experience AIB and find out whether they thing you're ready and good enough.

For UY (unless you're an engineer) you have until you are 26, otherwise you need to go Senior Upper Yardsman. Once you're through training your Divisional Officer will know about the UY route. But if you're going to apply straight out of the blocks it seems a bit odd to not at least try to pass AIB now...


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