Upper body training

I know that the best way to train for dips and pull-ups is to train dips and pull-ups but as I don't have a portable pull-up bar or bars for dips I was wondering if anyone had advice as to what other exercises could be used to supplement training, I've been told that 'close hand' or 'diamond' push ups are good for dips as they work the triceps and pecs but I was wondering if there were any harder variations or any body weight exercises that will help with pull ups, I do go to the gym most nights and train said exercises but I'm after something I can do when I get a free moment at work or when I roll out of bed first thing in the morning, cheers.


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Raise the fulcrum, your feet, when doing press ups. Sofa or bed should do, hurts like hell when you first start but you will get used to it and raise the fulcrum higher.
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