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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by PO Potty Mouth, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. where can you find details on what branches are in what? having a debate with an oppo

    also, why do we actually have 2 pay bands?
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  2. There are two pay bands because it has been deemed that some jobs, upon evaluation, deserve a higher rate of pay than some others even though the recipient may be of the same rank/rate. I think you might be able to google the rates of pay.
  3. And if the Engineers get their way, they will be on significantly more than any one else.
  4. And why not?
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  5. The reference for all branches pay banding for each rate is JSP 754, Annex A to Chapter 3, Section 2. (Can't you tell I'm bored on a day watch!)
  6. Its a case of supply and demand. The Navy can't retain skilled engineers so to compete with industry they will have to pay more. (or offer finacial retention packages like they do for MESMs, WO2 MEs and POMWs) In short of you don't retain engineers, ships, boats & aircraft will not move. I am sure if they we couldn't retain stewards there would be higher pay for them as well.

    The debate over higher and lower pay bands will all change when the New Employment Model (NEM) is implimented. I am sure we will be in for another round of heated debate just like when Pay2000 was introduced.
  7. And then all the Dabbers leave, because the entire reason a Warship exists is not to provide work for Engineers.
  8. I'll amend that for you.... Engineers exist to keep a warship operating.
  9. Because talking about how hard you work doesn't equate to working hard.
  10. Because talking about how hard you work doesn't equate to working hard.

    No doubt an ME will come along in a minute to tell us how much harder their department dig out than any other. Ever.
  11. We all bring something to the party, just some more than others.
  12. Please remove mods.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    When I was a CPOMEM(M), I was on the lower pay band. When I transferred to being a Careers Adviser my pay and pension combined are capped so that I cannot earn more than pay as a CPOMEM. Fair enough, you'd think.

    Where it goes awry is that a former Writer, Caterer, Master at Ams paid on the higher pay band, earns more than me as a Careers Adviser doing the same job.

    Where it goes even more awry is that a person becoming a Careers Adviser today, higher or lower pay band, automatically earns more than me because they have had ten years worth of annual pay rises, so their daily rate is higher than mine. One of life's anomalies is the more experienced the Careers Adviser, the less they are paid.
  14. Unless things have changed I would say most scope dopes are there to keep the WEs in work..........Certainly the OPS Room defect log used to have more No Defect Found Operator Error entries than FOST was ever happy with.
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  15. As a WE and a Warfare Officer, I have to say the honours are generally even.
  16. But as we all know "Never let the truth get in the way of a good dit" :tongue:
  17. I think the whole upper and lower band thing was a not too bad idea poorly implemented. From an engineers perspective it was a complete kick in the teeth. Not wanting to comply with MLPs prediction I'll try not to mention workload. All I will say is that the concept was that those who had the worst working lives would get paid on a higher pay level than those who had a better one i.e. If you are an engineer, routinely watchkeeping even up to CPO level, working in crap conditions in machinery spaces, maintaining ageing kit with limited spares, working through leave periods cos that's when your maintenance periods are, getting called out at all hours to fix stuff then you would get paid a bit more than someone who sits in an office all day staring at a computer screen before going for a full nights kip. It already happened to some extent as Tiffs got trade pay before Pay2000. What happened was the job evaluations were used to justify high pay band on some ropey reasons and many of those office workers got themselves sorted.

    Add into that the fact that some branches who had Tech and non-Tech had people of the same rank on different levels when all the jobs had been de-enriched so you had a CPOMEM for example working with a CPOMEA doing the same job on different levels of pay.

    Then comes the final insult where CPO Tech can't reach level 8&9 because that's restricted to WO2 while our non-Tech colleagues who got themselves on high pay band get paid more. We were told when it was implemented that's it's ok cos none of them will ever get promoted early enough to get to those levels. Well I think we all know that's utter rubbish and that many of them do.

    So we've gone from a situation where some engineers were paid more for their knowledge, skills and work patterns to a situation where many are paid less than their colleagues who spend all day in an office. Now we have engineers leaving in droves and a situation that needs sorted pronto.

    Those aren't the only problems with Pay2000 obviously. I mean the situation where 2 WO1s on different ships are doing the same job of EWO on different pay bands because of their source branches is outrageous.

    Hopefully this will be sorted by NEM but I'm not going to hold my breath. There will be job evaluations once again and who knows how they'll work out in the end.

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  18. Why? Don't you like scooters?
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  19. Excuse my ignorance but how does that work? Is it a new thing? Small ships maybe?

    I'm not taking the piss, I just don't understand. (I've been outside since 2001).
  20. Branch transfer! Do jobs as a WE Officer, transfer, start as sprog OOW, keep on going.

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