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Hello, I am considering applying for RMR selection in May 2010. I am 38, but a reasonably fit 38 for a bus driver at least. I was TA in 1998. I just wondered if I would be a no-no because of my age or would they give me a shot. My aim, if given the chance is full time reserve as I can't find the adventure/lifestyle I would get in forces. Appreciate any input. Thanks.


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Happy Chrimbo.
Strictly speaking the maximum age for an untrained recruit to start RMR training is up to your 33rd birthday.
Age restrictions are the same for all infantry units, regular or reserve, Army or Navy.

In exceptional circumstances outstanding candidates with either a sought after civilian trade or recent military service maybe considered worthy of an age waiver at the discretion of the RMR Commanding Officer.

The best bet is to contact your local RMR unit after the break to investigate whether they may consider a waiver after an 11 year break in service for a trained former infantryman.
Thanks for reply. Hope a good Christmas was had. I will try RMR after Christmas leave. Would the same go for 131 Independant Commando Squadron as strictly speaking they are Engineers am I right in thinking this ?


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There’s an article on the official Royal Marines forum about 131 Independent Commando Squadron, which may well be of interest in the event you do not qualify for a discretionary age-waiver.

They state:

Our recruitment policy is naturally in line with that of the TA in that we accept applications up to the age of 43 and for those with previous military experience this can be extended to beyond 50.
Basically, as they are not a designated Infantry unit, their age parameters are wider, as indeed are the Royal Navy Reserve.
Thanks very much for that. Good read and very helpful. At least if RMR arn't willing to give me age waiver I will still have an open door for me with similar challenges.


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No problem. The thing is there's more than one way to skin a cat for those aiming to become a Commando, albeit none of them are easy.

Another anomaly in the system is that RM Officers must join before they are 26, but in the RMR suitably qualified individuals may apply for a commission whilst still in training up until age 30.

Best of luck in your aspirations.
Yeh I understand what you mean. It pays to check every avenue. I will keep looking for other TA/Reserve units but think there is only another one or two (RLC or RA ?) that are Commando trained. Ideally 131 is only a few miles from my home and work in Sheldon. Thanks for your comments and best wishes for New Year to you.

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