Upper Age Limit for Joining RNR



I was looking into joining the RNR a few years ago, but then got offered a job working on a rotation basis abroad. This contract has finished and I now have the time to devote to the RNR.
When I looked at joining as a rating before, the upper age limit was 40, and I am now over 40 (45). I looked at the website the other day and, unless I am mistaken, it says that the upper age limit is 57, and as far as I can see, this is not just for ex-regulars.
Can anyone confirm this?
I would appreciate your help.


I thought 45 for ex-RN, otherwise 40. Just checked website & that seems to be the case. However - says that upper limit depends on specialisation.. Looking up individual roles doesn't seem to clarify, though.

Sorry, not much help. AFCO bods on here would shed more light on this.
BigM, they may make exceptions, so best advice, contact your local unit. Unlike the AFCOs, (actually, that is wrong, unlike a few AFCO staff) the units have a vested interest in you joining and may go that extra mile.