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Upper Age 56, Can Anyone Confirm ?


I have been out of the RN for a good 25 years and the other day purely by chance I came across the RNR website and noticed that they appear to of upped the age limit a fair bit for guys who where once regulars.

To be honest I miss the banter etc and it looked very appealing but before I start with the online form can anyone give me a heads up on the actual requirements as the web page doesn't give too much away.

Interesting in finding out if this upper age limit only applies to say guy's who have left in the last five years or to certain branches ? any info would be most appreciated.
From latest TM:

  1. The initial period of service[1] for all MR personnel joining on or after 1 Apr 15 is 12 years. Personnel will subsequently be selected for a second period of service[2] of 8 years to achieve a total of 20 years’ service. Further periods of service[3], again by selection, will take personnel to NEoS at age 55. Further service beyond this date will be by means of extensions of service in periods of not less than 1 year up to Mandatory End of Service (MEoS) at age 60. The increase in NEoS to age 55[4] provides scope for recruits to join later and still complete a full initial period of service.
You don't say how old you are now. However, be aware that re-joins after a "gap" can be horrendously long-winded. @Ninja_Stoker will doubtless be along soon to assist.
I hope we can get things sorted for you.
Also some specializations can recruit "older" recruits, subject to the operational requirement. I think after a gap of 25 years, you will probably have to start in New Entry.

If you want to rejoin, I would fill in the form, and submit it. They may say no, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I think that the best port of call for you would be to call you local unit and get some info direct from them. Each unit has a whole ship coordinator (a rough equivalent of a UWO) and that person would probably be able to give you some valuable advice on the requirements, opportunities available to you, what you need to do to re-join and any likely creases in the re-joining process that you could expect to have to iron out.
For RNR, it depends on the trade, break in service, manning requirement etc. It's quite difficult to give a precise steer because there are often exceptions. If someones been outside a dozen years, employed in a completely different skillset, they are less employable than say a Chef, who worked "outside" in the catering industry as a civilian Chef, for example. Usually upper age is 56th Birthday upon attestation.

FTRS...a different kettle of swimming things

Basically, the "ideal FTRS candidate" will have a break in service of less than two years and be able to complete a three year contract before reaching age 60.

That said my oppo, a CPO ME Tiff has had a 14 year break in service as an ME and is working short stints in FTRS as a shoreside clanky aged 55.

Another colleague is on an FTRS contract that takes him beyond 62.

Horses for courses - as stated above register your interest, there are heaps of FTRS jobs in shortage branches.

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