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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Guys,
    We're just in the process of upgrading all our sites to a new version of the software. This is a very fraught process for us as:

    a. We haven't done this (fully) for a long time.
    b. All our sites are now pretty non-standard.

    Unfortunately this means that you can expect some glitches and disruption as we iron out a few problems. I'd ask you to:

    a. Bear with us....
    b. Let us know if you spot anything!

    As always, thanks for your patience
  2. Who said that? :D
  3. Fcuked if I know!!
  4. The Chatroom is Knackered!!!
  5. Some scablifter you are Andy, poor geoff is collapsed behind the door man, get in there and do medic things to him.

  6. Iv etried but the door has a sodding big bit of steel behind it.I bet hes scoffed all the crisps!!!!
  7. Feck me! I left my poteen in there last night.

  8. Well Seadad....if you had msn you could join us,,as we are havin a chat now.....
  9. We could of course mount a raiding party to ARRSE chatroom!Thats working!!!
  10. Any sheep over there?

  11. evening all
  12. Any sheep over there?


    Damn technolothingy!!!
  13. Going for my tea and to check the girls. Will try later

  14. in there now
  15. Dont bother, ARRSE chatroom has gone tits up as well!!!

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