Updated RNFT?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Make-n-Mend, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. I heard a buzz that the RNFT was being overhauled to offer cycling or rowing in addition to the 2.4 and rockport?
    Hope its not a gash one; my boots aren't made for runnin'

    Anyone heard anything?
  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    About bloody time if it does happen. I did hear before that swimming wasn't to be allowed as it required quote skill unquote. As everyone in the RN has passed the swimming test.......

    I fcuking hate running-give me a rowing machine anytime.

    10,000 metres-GO!!!!
  3. Theres been a study going on at INM about this. I believe that it ended last year. A review of the system is long overdue.
  4. The "non age/gender specific" part of the RNFT has never materialised either. I had heard that a pass at BSSC/ISSC qualified for this part but that's not an annual requirement or done by the sea dodgers!
  5. IMHO the RNFT was introduced to give the Poorly Trained Idiots branch a reason for still being in existence. The fact is that the army/RM can maintain their fitness levels without a branch of blokes who's core skills are
    1 Quite liking phys
    2 Being able to shout in a ridiculous voice.

    I was once in the position where my managers tried to stop me deploying on the grounds that I was'nt in date for RNFT. You can imagine the speed with which that one was quashed. Not a good precedent to set!
  6. You forgot
    3 the ability to wear ridiculously tight shorts while maintaining depth of voice.
  7. I can see the point of an RNFT, I reluctantly can agree that having to be in date at promotion encourages people to maintain a level of fitness and I even believe the INM assertion that a different pass time/score for males and females equals identical "fitness" (VO2 Max?) levels, BUT...

    Why the hell did they bring in different categories of pass and specifically direct that an "Excellent" pass should be remarked upon in an appraisal report? What on earth difference does it make as to capability to do a job? I've known super fit duffers and very capable fatties at JR, SR and Officer levels, so a mention of fitness in a report is a step back to the ridiculous "A tall, slim Irishman, BLOGGS is a cheerful family man..." etc rubbish.

    Maybe now there's been a change at certain top levels, new brooms could examine the issue?
  8. I can remember when this started in the 70's, Fleet Chief Cook in the Wardroom at Nelson had us all running round the Wardroom Garden before standeasy in cooks uniform neg aprons and steamin bats.... Then the old farts started dropping, a few heart attacks and the idea was knocked back for a few years, it was resurrected again in the mid 80's at Vernon, had to go across the road to run round the track (Neg Steamin bats that time though)

    Good Luck guys
  9. Don't forget, they feel the need to have their own drill movements.
    (Traditional Drill mustn't work in PT kit) :twisted:
  10. Having worked with the Army and RM I think you'll find they do have aPT corp. every unit has its own PTI. Mind they still wear spray on rig and fake tan, must be a PTI thing!
  11. Does seem a little silly that we are pushing for fitter, healthier people, and a lot of guidelines are directing management to ensure that people get time off for sport, etc, when we have just done away with the PT Officer cadre...

    Personally, PTIs are always useful. If nothing else, they are the Arfur Daley's of the RN, always able to get their hands on kit at back-of-a-lorry prices. They are also quite useful for testing how far certain rules can be flexed, especially those that apply to Adventure Training!

    Job effectiveness has very little bearing (in our world) on how fast you can do 1.5K, but in this purple world you have to expect to be able to keep up with the other two Services. Well, OK, maybe not the crabs. Op Telic has put a lot of our people on solid ground, and whilst the argument is valid that running 1.5K on a ship is pointless, running at high speed when you hear something whistling in towards you is a skill that should be ticked off!
  12. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Doesn't matter how fast you can run as you'll never outrun an incoming round!!!!!

  13. Standing by to be corrected, but I was under the impression that PTIs in army/RM units hold a PT adqual. A subtle difference, but (I believe)a significant one.
  14. Clanky, I think that the Army do have a core PT branch, but in addition, each unit has one or two Unit PTIs who have just done an adqual.
  15. I stand corrected.
  16. Apart for going to action stations, it was a sin to run on a ship in my days ('50's).
  17. To quote from the Army Physical Training Corps website.......

    "If you want to become a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) in the Army Physical Training Corps you must first train as a soldier by enlisting into another Corps or Regiment. After gaining soldiering experience you can volunteer to attend the 9 week All Arms PTI Course at the Army School of Physical Training and then work as a Regimental PTI. After gaining further experience you can attend a one week APTC Selection Course, where your aptitude for this demanding role can be assessed. Successful candidates are then trained on an intensive 30 week Advanced PTI course before transferring into the APTC and being presented the coveted cross swords and crown badge."
  18. running nah never happen

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