Updated Pre-AIB interview Info (OFFICER/PILOT)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WannabePilot, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Updated SIFT interview Info (OFFICER/PILOT)

    Basically the interview questions have changed quite alot recently as I discovered this morning when I did my interview.

    Thankfully I didn't failed and I'm doing the interview again in 3 months, this won't actually delay me because the earliest training is in April. So it gives me more time to prepare for a later AIB. (Admiralty Interviewing Board)

    Anyway I can remember most of the really hard questions you will be asked if you are trying to get in as an officer.

    The first thing is, you have to have a huge vast knowledge on the Navy. I mostly focused on Fleet Air Arm but they want you to know in great detail about each part of the Navy including the Marines.

    Every fact you give them, they are going to ask you to expand on it.

    He pointed at ships and I named the type well because I had learnt what the different ship types look like. Then I was stumped because next he asked me what sort of gun was on the daring class destroyer, the radar type & what sort of missile system it had.

    Another knowledge based one was with where is the Navy around the world and I pointed to places on a map and briefly summed up what they were doing there. (Gulf of Adan - piracy, falklands - protecting from argentina, Scotland - joint nato mission joint warrior, North America training exercises.)

    This wasn't enough, for each are you must point it out by the way. They are going to ask you what ships are in each area, you don't have to remember them all but at least a few. You will have to know exactly what they are there for. Like with America they are also there for hurricanes so they can assist with disaster relief. They recently discovered loads of oil under the Falklands. Everytime you tell them something they are going to make you expand on it, the knowledge they expect at this stage is immense so you need to be prepared for it.

    I told them my Pilot training.

    10 month Dartmouth - Officer Basic Training
    6 Month Barkston Heath - Basic Flying - g115, firefly, jetstream
    9 Month Linton on ouse - Fixed wing - tucano
    9 month Linton on Ouse - Fast jet flying - Hawk
    9 month raf wittering - air combat flying - Harrier.

    I thought this was a good answer but then I was asked to tell him about the 5 sections of the Dartmouth Officer training. I didn't know but I assume he would of asked about the different sections of the other training aswell. You have to know your facts very strongly.

    Challenging questions

    Proudest achievement

    least proud moment

    Examples of leadership, they are going to want to know loads

    What you did for your school (extra curricular)

    examples of determination

    Leadership activities

    difference between management and leadership

    who is the current admiral of fleet? (i said benjamin bathurst from like 20 years ago xP)

    what 3 sections is the royal marines split into?

    What is this ship?

    what is this aircraft?

    what is this gun?

    Location + Info on Shore bases.

    3 commando brigade, where are they based?

    1st sea lord, 2nd sealord, captain of cincfleet?

    remember to say Sir before you tell them!

    What has been decommissioned in the cuts?

    What aircraft & ships are kept at each base?

    what is this missile launcher?

    what is this radar?


    thats about as much as I can remember anyway. Basically you gotta get your revision in!

    the questions I was most prepared for and was expecting were

    why do you want to join the navy?

    why would you be a good officer/pilot?

    why would you be a good leader?

    details on naval family history?

    sadly the ones I was most ready for are apparently the biggest parts of the old interview style. I would still revise these though because I used the things I was ready for to cover up my mistakes.

    That is about all the advice I can give, remember to research all the parts of the navy in detail including the marines. Best wishes and I hope you are more prepared then me. I think I managed to earn the second attempt because I did well at showing my determination, the fitness I had prepared for it and my commitment to the Navy.

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  2. F*ck me, I'm glad I'm not joining up these days. My "filter interview" consisted of going down the pub with the Lt and having a quick chat about the RN. We then discussed rugby for the remaining 30 minutes....
  3. I don't understand that. "You didn't fail(ed), but doing it again in 3 months". If you didn't fail, then why are you doing it again.

    Confused of Kernow.
  4. This bit is a real pity, if I am honest:

    "Then I was stumped because next he asked me what sort of gun was on the daring class destroyer, the radar type & what sort of missile system it had".

    This is one question which you should have expected to get and prepared for, as the Type 45 has a really high profile at the moment being so new; there is loads to read about it in all sorts of places, too.

    This one is a shame, as well:

    "I thought this was a good answer but then I was asked to tell him about the 5 sections of the Dartmouth Officer training. I didn't know."

    This one was another one which should have been a "Must Know" for you, really.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    From the answers given, it would seem that the focus of revisiion was a bit unilateral.

    For pilots, expect questions about submarines, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxilliary also. The advice is to remember the job also involves being a leader within the Royal Navy, not just the "Royal Me".

    Best of luck for the re-take of the Sift Interview.
  6. Thx all, yes I was under prepared. A Fail means they tell you not to come back. I am going to do it again.

    But from what I had heard from reading posts on this forum, It was much harder then it used to be.
  7. I'm a little surprised you didn't know who the admiral of the fleet was.

    edit- good luck for next time though.
  8. Why are you surprised that he didn't know who an Admiral of the Fleet was. The only (non-Royal) AoF alive at the moment are:

    Sir Edward Ashmore
    Sir Henry Leach
    Sir Julian Oswald
    Sir Benjamin Bathurst

    If you mean the Lord High Admiral, then that might be a little different.
  9. I'm still confused, or maybe just misreading your posts.

    Did you fail the AIB. You said that a fail means that they tell you not to come back. But you are still going to do it again. ??????
  10. I did.

    Apologies, I thought that it was what he meant.

    edit- I just had a look on wiki (not the most authoritative of resources I admit) and it states
    So now I'm intrigued if that means it is Sir Benjamin Bathurst as he was the latest, or as it seems to be an honorary rank, they are all Admirals of the Fleet.
  11. having read this it seems you have not done much research at all with regard to your pilot training. yeovilton first for grading ,then barkston heath for elementary flying traing,then either linton on ouse or shawbury,depending on your abilities,then valley if you pass linton 2 courses there, on the hawk pass that then squadron harrier certainly not at wittering!!! There are no hawks at linton .if you can't be bothered to get this right at your interview there are plenty that will so i wouldn't hold out much hope for your success in the future maybe they were just being kind to you saying to come back. :roll:
  12. OJ and Alfred - Perhaps he meant he didn't know who 1SL is. That would seem a bit more relevant to the interview.
  13. I did think he meant the 1st Sea Lord, hence the surprise.
    Knowing who is in a position that ended 15 years seems a bit ott. But then again I am in no position to question such things.

    I guess we'll be guessing amongst ourselves as to what was asked unless WannabePilot comes back to confirm
  14. Look I have been honest about my mistakes so other people can learn from them, so how about instead of criticising me then you just give me advice for next time. One of the main reasons I was unprepared was because of the posts on this forum making it look a lot easier then it actually was. I did point out my mistakes and the questions I found hard, you may notice I didn't tell you how I answered them. They want me back because I proved my determination, leadership skills, communication skills & dedication to the force. I wrote what could help people, not the self glorifying details of the whole interview.
  15. I think that he/she hasn't got past his/her Sift with the ACLO and has been asked to brush up his/her knowledge and come back to the AFCO to see him/her again in a few months' time.

    That is my understanding of it.
  16. you say you have proved all these skills ,but you still failed! i think that if you post here next year you will still have failed,a friend of the family had his A.I.B in november and started dartmouth in january (pilot) they obviously wanted him and he obviously showed a lot more skills than you .i think maybe a different career choice should be sought! :?
  17. I'll send you a message next April when I start my Pilot training.
  18. To be honest, it looks exactly the same as the interview I had back in 2007 when I was applying as a warfare officer.
  19. that post will be on april the 1st april fools day have you seen the recent waiting times for starting courses even assuming you pass selection looking at your grammer in your original post english will have to be studied as well
    wishing you the best but don't hold your breath you won't survive :sleepy2: :sleepy2: :sleepy2:
  20. For future reference, it's 28 weeks at Dartmouth, not 10 months (that would be really shit) - and from there all the courses are about 7 months dependant on weather - much better to learn the number of hours you have to attain rather than length of time. Plus we stopped using the Firefly a while back, it's all Grob Tutors nowadays. :)

    And the rest of the questions were what where expected of me a while ago, so the criteria aren't new, as far as I can tell, you were just mis-informed maybe before going as to depth you needed. :)

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