Update on RFA Recruitment


Received Today from RFA Recruiting HQ in Portsmouth

"From this week all RFA recruitment for ratings has been put on hold until requirements for the next recruiting year are confirmed.

Dataforce and the RFA Recruitment Office have been informed that no application forms are to be sent out until further notice. Any completed applications received by the office are being processed to completion of the Recruitment Test when candidates are being informed that their application will be kept on hold until the end of January. It is expected that new targets will be released at this time and any telephone enquiries are being instructed to check the RFA Recruiting Website at the begining of February for further information.

All ratings offered provisional employment to start from January to May 2011 will attend the courses as instructed.

Recruitment for Marine Engineering Cadets and Deck Officer Cadets is still ongoing with courses beginning at BRNC in June.

No other qualified officers are being actively recruited at this present time".

I suggest that all enquiries should be forwarded to the RFA team on 02392 725923 or 02392 725371.

RFA Targets being discussed this late in the f/y is not uncommon, IME targets are usually changed in year to reflect the need of the RFA service. In the current climate, until the post SDSR implications on RFA's are fully examined I do not think the above situation will change.
Thanks very much for the update.

A quick Q though - I have a provisional offer for a CR2 post and was told in the interview that the start date would be 24th April 2011. It's a bit borderline with the timeframes you mentioned above... Do you know if this course is going to run or is this now cancelled?

Thanks for any info you can provide,



Simon - It does say all courses Jan-May 2011 will still go ahead, so at the moment if your due to start in April then you are ok. (At the moment)....

I don't know the finer points, but if you have any doubt you should direct your enquiries to the RFA team. I'm sure if you have been offered employment then you will have had some contact with the guys down there.