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Hi guys...

I'm writing to ask if applicants that have been on waiting lists for more than 6 months need to have update interviews? I've been on the list for 7 months now as an ET(WE) and have not been contacted by the AFCO for an update interview. Is this normal?


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Yep, entirely nomal.

When you start Phase One training, you must have either had a Selection Interview or Update interview at least 6 months prior to starting.

If we interviewed all candidates every six months, certain trades such as ET(WE) would have 4 or 5 interviews whilst waiting to join.

Very often an AFCO may ring you to confirm your circumstances remain unchanged - all too often candidates forget to tell us things have changed (mobile numbers, court appearances, divorce, moving house, hospitalisation etc).
I had a phone call last week and my afco just asked me if my fiancial situation, address, job, contact details etc were the same and asked me how the fitness was going. Simples. Also told I won't be in this year :( Been waiting nearly a year already.
You have my sympathy jen. Hopefully when, somehow, this crap recession starts lifting the ones who wouldnt be applying under normal situations will sod off and the waiting times will reduce. And the oldies will feel safer leaving the mob. thus freeing up jobs.
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