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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Andrew_1980, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. A'reet folks,

    Some of you asked for an update and just got internet access so here be it, all going well, unfortunately stuck in a messdeck with ChicoJizz, the lad who is weirder in real life than he is on here (hard to believe I know, but it's true)...

    Instructors have been keeping us very busy, long days, hard work, shitloads of kit maintenance and little sleep but having a good laugh and starboard class is beating the port class at everything so far, naturally.. our DI is a good'un, and also met Instructor drakdi.

    Got back from Pier Cellars yesterday, went on a hike, had a bbq and did our sod's opera that was pretty much just taking the piss out of the DI's and PT staff, with some assault course / swimming about in a freezing harbour in our ovies and boots thrown in, our class won the ganges points for the fastest time of course... also visited a sub earlier this week, glad I'm going wafu now, god knows why anyone would want to be stuck in a dingey tuna tin sleeping on a torpedo for months on end..
    Going into week 4 when SA80 training starts and am really looking forward to that...

    Loving the drill instruction, PT classes, Powerpoint presentations can feck off and so can potatoes, fed up of those already.. the time is going really quickly, week one dragged a bit, just paperwork etc, and looking forward to being able to go home for a couple weeks in the easter break... have passed the fitness, swimming and drill tests / exams, kit musters are going ok, few weak points but getting there slowly.. messdeck stinks of farts and takes a few minutes in the morning for the green fog to clear, should have been supplied with gasmasks.

    Anyway I'll stop rambling there.. a few from our class will be PVR'ing but I won't be one of them.. loving it.

    All't best.
  2. Andrew

    That is such good news! So pleased to hear that you are enjoying it so much and doing so well!

    Thank you for reporting back!
  3. Nice one. Keep it up and good luck.
  4. Nice one Andrew, not much of a poster around here but I have been snooping around for some time. Great to hear your doing well and enjoying it. Best of luck for the future.
  5. It's nice of you to take a few minutes out and post about your experiences. I am sure it helps future recruits too x

    Keep up the good work.
  6. The few who are PVR, too tuff for them :?: , good to hear you are enjoying it Andrew.
  7. This is the week when the weak recruits show their true colours and catch the 81 bus back to Plymouth train station to resume their dull unadventurous existence at their parents hovels. Andrew, are you sure you dont want to go? :lol:
  8. :roll: Next bus back from Ganges and St Vincent, went some 12years later :wink: :wink:
  9. Nice update andrew, just getting me more excited/worried now! haha
  10. First night in new entry block, block PO ASKED us if we would all like to turn in as we had a busy day coming, nobody was that tired so there were jokes/stories going well into the wee hours until a voice piped up.......

    ''Will you all stop it with these disgusting jokes as I can't take it anymore''

    He pissed off after breakfast never to be seen again.
  11. Well done on your achievements so far matey.
    Joining up this time of the year is a bitch. I joined in the Feb and recall that the ice on the assault course pond had to be broken for the team in front of us.... nice ..
    God, I hated Pier Cellars. It was crap in '83 and I doubt if it has got any better since.
  12. cant wait till its my turn!
  13. I loved it, a break away from Raleigh, in those days only part 2 Stokers and Dabbers got to go.
  14. Ha, now you mention it.. the parent hovel does sound comforting.. pub round the corner, get up when I want, no job, miserable neighbours, self-loathing stepmother, all that good stuff, nah I'll stay here thanks. :lol:

    Our DI / PO has just discovered who I am on here, that freaked me out a bit, hope he doesn't find any of my incriminating posts from days gone by - not only do I have to on my best here at Raleigh but now I have to be polite and tidy online too.. dammit! :lol: :wink:
  15. Was a baby dabber at the time, long before I saw the "light" and went to the "dark side" (my greenie pit with the bunk light turned off .... frequently .. very dark :)

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