Update from Raleigh

Hello all,

I'm just about to start my fourth week at Raleigh so I just thought i'd put a quick message on here to let everyone know how its going.

I'm loving every minute of it down here, just as good if not better than what I expected, just recently got back from Pier Cellars and we've got Naval Military Training next week before the Christmas break.

We went to have a look around Talent last week which was great and we've been taken around the Submarine School as well which was so good, I can't wait to get started in their next year after i've passed out.

I definitely made the right career move in doing this and I really am enjoying it so much. The only downsides here are that theres a few knobs in our block (as expected) and the food in Trafghanistan is shite, other than that its all good.

The other good thing is that i'm also in the best Division in Raleigh so we're told, I don't know if i'm allowed to say which so i'll leave it at that.

Anyway, I will keep the Submariners forum up to date with how things are going as I progress. Speak to you all soon.

Nicks said:
Good luck mate and get back to your ironing and bulling.
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Northern Sub. Not to much bulling and ironing remember you are a Submariner, even if still untrained and we have a long history of being the scruffyist and mankyist basterds around so do not let the side down.

Best of luck with passing out and Boaters School.


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