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Hey everyone, so i first posted on here a while back when i put in an Application as a Communications Apprentice. Because of a missing qualification i'm trying to figure out what position to apply for instead, whether to go for Chef Apprentice or Engineer Apprentice and I have a few questions about things if people don't mind sparing some time to answer them, it would be much appreciated!

So what are the accommodations like during the training for both roles? I've been told at some locations RFA folks are put in individual rooms and at others they're in six person rooms with other RFA folks? I'm Trans so this would probably effect what role i applied for cause i'd obviously want to avoid as much issues as possible.

Which of the roles has better job security once you complete your apprenticeship? I'd assume Engineer, but i could be wrong.

How do LGBT people fare in the RFA? I'd assume nowadays there's less issues than there would have been in the past but i still figured I'd ask.

What are the prospects for advancement for the roles such as officer training after gaining experience as an Engineer?

Thanks for any answers! Stay safe and watch out for toilet roll hoarders!

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