Up to his old tricks?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by TimeToJoinUp, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. You may remember this:

    Navy Chaplain In Sexual Discrimination Payout

    Well, surprise surprise, he's at it again...

    Vicar accuses parish of harassment

    Seems like a bit of a coincidence to me. Both of these occurred within 5 years.

    I suppose this could have been posted in current affairs, but I doubt it's going to stay polite very long. :p
  2. What an absolute fcuking cnutrag. Young men talking about shagging, what has this world came to?
  3. So not bash the bishop, bash the vicar.......I know of a cellar.
  4. Never rated Naval Chaplains myself (apart from the Mad Bish of the 80's). Seems like a right cushy number to me. Wardroom status when it pleases but down with the lads for Porn and CSB on a Sat night. Ship's welfare etc. Never did f*ck all for me. Serious sh1t on ALBION (the new one) and the Bish was far too busy planning his run ashore in Chester to give a flying [email protected] Talk about redundancies, get rid of these time wasters and there's a few quid saved.
  5. Serial claimant and dripping cnut.
    RN 'Forced to watch porn' was he tied down in the grunters with his eyes stapled open and shown the Jimmys redTube favourites?
    Worcester diocese 2008 claimed his Vicarage was 'Infested with mice and frogs had gash heating and dangerous wiring..' FFS he works for the CoE not The Church of Scientology.
    Worcester Diocese again, the admin was rubbish and it gave him a headache.
    Perhaps a little quote from a book I once read may help this twunt in his quest for fairness.
    "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,"
  6. I have to agree. The pongo and booty chaplains I have been lucky enough to serve with are always better than their matelot counterparts.

    Personally I reckon the RN should have a specialist morale and councelling branch that is completely non religious. Someone who holds no rank and is trained in councelling to deal with bereavements and personal snags etc. The person should have some knowledge of different religions in order to be able to help the god botherers amongst us but as not to offend those who aren't. He or she should also be responsible for sorting out runs ashore and parties etc.

    Basically what I'm saying is the Navy needs a couple of duty legends to just walk around the ship spinning dits and cracking jokes whilst being an official shoulder to cry on in times of need.

    Edited to add: as someone who is not religious, I found it difficult to speak openly with Chaplains. To be honest I just can't really get my head around the mentality of spending your life worshiping something that in all likelyhood doesn't exist. Basically I think priests are fcuking nutters and I don't want to share my personal snags with a mentalist.
  7. Chaplian in RNDQ's Pompey mid 70's was a right clever cnut, he 'tried' to sway us to his beliefs during a lecture, me ( I was the oldest in there @ 22)
    and a dabber from Rooke tore him up for arse paper re loaves and fish, resurection, immaculate conception etc, needless to say the 'lecture' ended swiftly and we had to go and do xtra drill which was preferable to listening to that twat.
  8. New Skipper on Andromeda mid 80's was gutted with church turnout on a Sunday and decreed that all "off watch" should attend. Jossman informed was not really allowed. Skipper maintained that he was "responsible for ships spiritual and moral welfare". Came out with a brainwave. Sunday 10:00 was either "Clean ship" or attend church service.

    Cleanest ship in the f'ing RN.

    By the way, no Bish onboard. Just a c0ck of a skipper. !!
  9. Ours just used to bribe the wrens with biscuits, where the wrens went the lads followed.
  10. CHAPLAINS!!?

    I remember them at Raleigh, giving their twee lectures to youngsters, who in a few months time would be pissed out of their brains and bo11ock deep in some foreign whore.

    There was a warship type documentary on TV some years ago where they interviewed the Chaplain. A handsome cnut with an ego the size of the Ark Royal. I haven’t forgotten the sneering contempt he had for the Junior Rates who came to him for help with personal problems. You couldn’t class a [email protected] like him as RN; he was just a wannabe and a total waste of rations.
  11. Fcuk sake. Thought this thread was gonna be about Paul Daniels and debbie Mcgee.

  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I remember him from BRNC. He was moved from Albion to a 42 for IST (big mistake, but there was pressure not to let any Padre leave during training). Whilst in the 42 he was living in the dabbers mess which is where the exposure to excessive Frankie occurred. What a shocker.

    On leaving the ship he made a complaint that was handled iaw the processes at the time, and whith which he was always happy. Until he went home where his wife got hold of him. He would then reappear and state his intentions to take the MOD to court.

    His wife's profession? Some form of Health and Safety litigation specialist. Could these 2 facts possibly be related.......
  13. In that case he's a double cnut..what goes on in the mess, stays in the mess..not blabbed to your Mrs

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