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From what I understand it is part of the drive for Phase 2 training for both ratings and officers to produce a "minimally useful" body. Not someone that could be deployed onto a proper war canoe but something like the Border Force, Op Olympic etc. For the officer route they've gone with JOLC / DOs so the RNR can provide the divisional system if mobilising a bunch of ratings rather than have to look to the regulars.

The RNR version of JOLC is cracking and deals more with "life in unit" - or why the Dartmouth hand chop won't get you far on a drill night. Now there's an RNR specific DO course hopefully that will start to add a few more reservist relevant elements over time - I suspect the RNLA is learning a few things from delivering it.

Plus it was always on most training matrices, but in odd places so you ended up with senior Lts doing it. Which, especially in the changing age profile of the reserves, means you often had people acting as DOs for years with little to no formal training - which leads to people being seen off in a variety of ways.
ATG, bleddy eck, we are (almost) in total agreement!
No matter how people have been treated in the past, there is now a massive drive to ensure the divisional system works in the RNR, and that has to start somewhere, the bottom is a good place, so every YO HAS to do a DOs course. And the OF5s are getting increasingly tetchy when units fail their people through late reporting etc (so it's started at the top also)

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