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CU Jimmy

Me again, swinging the lamps.
As a young wafoo armourer, my first ship was Ark Royal. The killick of my mess was a guy called Pat Mallet, hard little bar-steward who had joined towards the end of WW2 and had been the fleet fly-weight boxing champ in his day.
Anyway, the tot used to be dished up at 1130 in the port PV space and the G men then went round to the Stbd PV space to scupper their tots.
Now, in the middle of that space was a hatch which led up from the cool rooms below. The victuallers were hoisting up fish through the hatch when a frozen fish(Unsure of the species) fell out of the net, bounced off the coaming and landed at Pat's feet.
Quick as a flash, Pat slurped his tot, filled the glass with water and chucked it on the deck. We wandered what the fark that was all about, but Pat grabbed the fish and his glass, steamed round to the port space and told the sprog OOD that he had been quietly enjoying his tot when this fish landed on his shoulder, knocked his tot out of his hand and and could he have another tot please?
The OOD (A Subbie) came round to the scene, saw the oggin patch on the deck and duly decreed that Pat could, indeed, have a replacement tot..
Now, the OOD and duty PO changed over at 1200, so Pat gave it a couple of minutes and repeated the procedure all over again!
Having had , by this time 3 tots, Pat, having been granted a makers, then retired to his rack for the rest of the afternoon and all was well with his world .
How, you might wonder was I,16 at the time and UA a witness to this feat? Well, at that time I was working 'tween decks party, part of my job was helping run the ships scran bag.As some of you would imagine, we had all sorts of clothing in there, so, in exchange for say, a Noz 8 shirt, I would be called round at tot-time for sippers/gulpers. Happy days amongst a great bunch of ship mates, may of whom had seen WW2 service.
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