Up.... and straight back down again.

Well, I was all excited at the prospect of getting my date for October... until I was reading through a few random threads and happened to notice that nasal polyps are A BAR TO ENTRY!!! WTF?

Obviously I've already had a medical and I put down that I had an operation about 10 years ago to remove a polyp - but the medical examiner still passed me! What gives? Here I am thinking I could be starting soon, the next thing I know, I'm potentially not joining at all! I don't remember the examination that well, but I'm pretty sure I didn't let him shag me ***********, nor did I give him a blow job so I don't know why he would have passed me.

Anyway, I have contacted my AFCO and they didn't really know much about it so I'm sitting here waiting for the doctor to give me a call.

Deep joy. I suppose if I don't get in, it will mean some lucky bastard will get to start a few months early.

Maybe I need to go back and find that thread... I'm hoping it was an April Fool's day thread.
Calm down dear. You passed the medical and declared a previous condition that the doctor did not consider to be a bar for entry. You said that you had the polyp removed. Has it come back to haunt you. If not then I doubt it wil be a cause for concern. Angry Doc might have something to say on the subject.
I am calm, honest :)

No, it hasn't come back at all... I guess I'm just preparing myself for the worst, should I be told to leave and close the door behind me.

I've PMed angrydoc although I know he must be a very busy chap so don't expect an answer any time soon.

Fingers crossed.
As long as you were honest with the AFCO Medical Examiner you should be OK.

But you need to bear in mind that all new entrants undergo another full medical on arrival at their New Entry Establishment. If you fail that or they find a medical condition in the first 9 weeks your contract can be cancelled.

So It's better to get it sorted now before you join, than keep your fingers crossed and hope.


Indeed, SM, that's exactly why I called the AFCO straight away - I didn't want to quit my job and enter Raleigh, only to get booted straight back out again.

I've got a plan B, C and D in place if the RN falls through but I will be absolutely gutted, no mistake - especially since I pretty much thought I was in there, barring a crap performance in training.
Feagal said:
Anyway, I have contacted my AFCO and they didn't really know much about it so I'm sitting here waiting for the doctor to give me a call.

Deep joy. I suppose if I don't get in, it will mean some lucky bastard will get to start a few months early.

Maybe I need to go back and find that thread... I'm hoping it was an April Fool's day thread.
Don't tell anyone you daft bastard. If you've already passed the med then forget it, you didn't lie.

If they find anything at Raleigh, at least you will have had a free trip to Cornwall and back.


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Experience tells me that if you've been honest and disclosed the condition on the medical questionnaire then if there had been any issues you would not have passed the medical...........let alone be waiting for a joining date.
I understand your reasons for telling the AFCO, but if it were me I wouldn't be flagging given you've declared it passed the medical. I'd be going for it, answer the questions at Raleigh truthfully as before and see what occurs. This said it is academic given you have raised it with the ACFO...
I understand the pressure you're feeling. I'm 30, awaiting my entry date, and worried that lots of things could be wrong with me when I finally get in. I think we all just gotta realise that it won't be the end of the world if we don't pass the medical/training, and we should still give everything we've got. Cos it's that determination that makes us who we are. Making the most of the strengths we have. Not sulking over our weaknesses.
Thanks for all your replies and advice, people.

Still waiting on a response about it... they are expecting to be able to give me one in about a week.

What fun! :)
Ballistic said:
Guzzler said:
I thought this was about Blackpool.
It will be - give it 12 months :wink:
I'm not sure I get the reference... :?

Anyway, I'm sure this situation is bound to turn out alright as I was using my girlfriend's Wii Fit today and it gave me a thumbs up and a smiley face. I've obviously got nothing to worry about!

If the doctor does decide to fail me after all, maybe I can get Nintendo to write me a reference letter giving me the all-clear, that should make RN sit up and listen.
sgtpepperband said:
Blackpool are 25/1 to win the Premier League in 2010/2010. Which means if you bet £20, you will lose £20... :wink:

You're better off putting the money on me being allowed in ;)

Spoke to the doctor today... he said he's going to see what he can do - not holding out much hope though, based on what people say about these things.
Well, I've got my notes to send to the doc who did my initial medical. Looking through them, it doesn't sound hopeful... words like "aggressive" and "unusual" tend to set off alarm bells for most people - if even a normal case of nasal polyps is a bar to entry, mine certainly seems like it would slam the door shut in my face.

I suppose I've got nothing to lose by sending the notes on though.

Anyway, I was doing some research as to why nasal polyps might be a bar to entry and the only thing I could find was on barotrauma. Obviously this isn't a factor if, like me, you had the little fecker cut out and it hasn't come back, but I suppose there is always the chance that it could rear its ugly head again.


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I must admit that I'm surprised that you were told you had passed the medical given your medical history without the RN wanting more info about your condition.

Junior had a condition when he was a toddler, which has been sucessfully treated, which has meant that whilst he has had his medical, the RN have requested his medical notes from the GP as well as having to see a consultant and tests to prove his current medical condition..........and even then he's been told that the RN may want to examine him themselves.

Until he gets the nod, his application is on hold and can't even do his PJFT .....which obviously delays the rest of the process.

Don't get me wrong I can appreciate where the RN is coming from but like you it will seem desparately unfair for his application to be turned down on something that is sorted and not because of ability.

My fingers are crossed for both of you.


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I also forgot to add that, as warned by Angrydoc, Junior's case has been referred upwards for a decision so don't be worried if your case is treated similarly.

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