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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by detonate, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Whilst in getting my RAF AST results I was told by a officer that the RAF Aptitude test is of higher standard than the Navy. I just wanted to verify that as I have MAJOR interest in signing up for navy pilot rather than RAF. Granted chances are smaller in the Navy, but nothing ventured nothing gained:D. I scored high enough on my RAF Aptitude to get through to OASC as Pilot providing I get through the next interview. I was wondering, if I did apply for the Navy would I have to sit the Navy aptitude? and is there a higher score needed etc or can they just go off the score I did in RAF AST? Sorry for this unusual question:p
  2. :threaten:

  3. And a Navy officer will tell you the Navies is higher than the Crabs. "My brothers bigger than yours".

  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Stay with the RAF - you sound just their type......
  5. The tests for the Navy are completely different to the RAF, with the exception of FATs.
  6. .. come on.. I just asked a question.. I dont know wether they expect more or less>< Most people would just take the AFCO word for it, whilst I didnt think it seemed right, so I asked here and get flamed for something I didnt myself say
  7. You'll probably get more sensible answers (or possibly not) on the Military Aircrew section of PPRuNe. Just stand well clear after lighting the blue touch paper.
  8. Pilot is weighted exactly the same, Observer and ATC are weighted differently due to the nature of the jobs at sea etc. Basically you do a load of tests and weightings are taken from each to give a score for a different branch, so the actual tests are identical - It's just how they make up the final score.
  9. My understanding is that the FATs at RAF OASC are identical for RN, RAF and AAC. There may be differences in the weighting of the individual tests to produce a final score, but that is all.

    FWIW there is a lad (Blimy was his moniker) now on IOT for RAF Pilot at Cranwell whose 120 P (RN) score was a pass, but not enough to get him into BRNC (130 is about the minimum at the moment)

    So I'd suggest that the RAF's overall standard is lower, but only based on a sample of one.

    There's another lad I know who is also at Cranwell, who did RN FATs first, and later applied for the RAF. He sat out the first day of RAF OASC, as his FATs were already complete.
  10. detonate,

    It all comes down to supply and demand.

    The RAF is always heavily over subscribed with pilot applicants and, whilst we have a higher requirement, certainly we can generally place the bar at a high level. This will however rise and fall according to demand, as will streaming during FTS itself. Certainly, a few years back we had the luxury of only accepting OASC candidates with exceptionally high pilot scores.

    Equally, a student pilot who is chopped at the end of Valley one year may not be allowed to transfer to rotary or multi engine and have to move to WSO simply because there are no Group 2 or 3 places at that time. Another pilot chopped far earlier in flying training 2 years later may be offered rotary or multi engine streaming because the system is gearing up for delivery of new types such as A400M.

    Timing is therefore everything.

    I assume that the same process will be applied by the RN. The FAA has a far lower requirement for pilots but equally has fewer applicants. However, the ratio of job-pilots may be similar to the us.

    The short answer is that the aptitude requirements vary over time and neither service will probably be too disimilar.

    Best of luck for whichever service you opt for.

  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you want to join the RN, then apply and pass the tests. If you want to join the RAF, then apply to them and pass their tests.

    This apparent fannying about and trying to make comparisons does not show you in a terribly good light.

    As the folks at Nike say - 'just do it'......
  12. I failed the aptitude test for my chosen trade, but passed for others. I then thought about the RAF. Had the first interview/meeting with the RAF AFCO and was told I had to re sit the test. From what I was told and seen they are not that much different. Still that evil time limit. Each score depends on your chosen trade. Hope that hepls?? :thumright:

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