Untaxed and uninsured cars. An incentive?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Just had a thought about all the untaxed and uninsured cars that are on our roads.
    They have to park somewhere when not been driven and I would be amazed if the majority were in garages.
    With this in mind why not reward those who bring these vehicles to the attention of the authorities.
    Perhaps it would give the local yobs a purpose in life if they actually got paid money for information.

    Could be say :
    £10.00 for an untaxed car taken off the road because the owner could not be found.
    £20:00 for the car taken off the road if owner prosecuted.
    £30:00 if owner has no Insurance
    £40:00 I owner has no insurance or MOT.

    This system could be funded by the insurance companies who are the ones that pay for uninsured drivers losses.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Then it just becomes a case of being a country of whistleblowers where not only have you got tech looking over your country, but people in the street as well.

    I know how I'd feel if I had people constantly coming up to my (up to date taxed car) just to see if they could catch me out. It isn't something I'd support.
  3. Whats the problem, the tax disc is easily seen, if you are legal then what are your worries.
    Surely every untaxed car off the road is one less potential accident statistic. Considering that these cars are often not insured or roadworthy and in many cases the drivers either have no licence or are banned.
    What would you prefer 50 people to glance at your car tax disc, or one uninsured driver to bounce of your car?
  4. Down here in the land of dodgy kids homes we don't have tax discs in our cars but insurance disks instead. So you can see straight away if a car is pukka or not. Tax has been added to petrol\diesel so our government gets its tax revenue that way.

    We don't have an equivalent of an MOT (yet, but hopefully it will come) but hopefully, once we do, all cars will require an MOT chit to get their insurance disc. Problem solved. As the parking wardens and Honorary Police (Parish police) go round they will be easy to identify suspect cars.

    Now back to the kiddie fiddling story ..... the poor little sods :-(
  5. You dont really need to pay Jo Scrote- with many areas being covered by CCTV linked to ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) it will become very easy to ping where untaxed and uninsured vehicles are.

    DOT do regular checks with the old bill and also sweep the streets - all untaxed and uninsured, along with no MOT, vehicles get flagged up on computer and bingo - theres another car about to be crushed.

    If you start paying Jo Scrote to report cars that aren't displaying their tax discs, many of the little sh!ts would break into the car, nick the tax disc just so they could report it to earn a tenner to pay for the next bag of skunk or crack - or am I just being cynical ?
  6. In my uneducated and simple opinion, I'm not worried about the untaxed cars out there, but more about the increasing number of Polish-plated cars that seem to be in the South-East these days. They speed through the roadworks on the M1, ducking in and out of traffic, because they know they won't get caught. Some of these cars have been in the UK for years - no tax, no MoT, no insurance.

    I'd rather a database be started on them and the use on ANPR concentrated on flagging any foreign car that has been in the country for more than 12 months. All should be tagged upon entry to the UK.. after 12 months, they're either required to provide proof of UK registration or are scrapped.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ahh, so "they're" ALL driven like that? And if a vehicle with UK licence plates was being driven like that, it's okay? More xenophobic bollocks... 8O
  8. I think your missing the point---the Poles, Ukrainians ,Estonians etc etc
    buy up the cheapo brit bangers and use them . Also the biggest list of convicted drunk drivers around seem to be EU citizens . They don't give a toss either --- no spikka da english

    :nemo: :nemo:
  9. Not xenophobia at all SgtP
    Your own collegues the
    British boys in blue have made more than a couple of coments on the general conduct ofthese ex Eastern block people. These comments include those raised by the poster

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