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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wez1234, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi ive recently spoke to recruitment and explained that would like to join up at the ripe age of thirty four nearly thirty five, however i have a conviction for dangerous drive that resulted in custody. Whilst in custody i kept my head down became number one for cleaning and painting and a good prison record that even the prison officer asked me for a refrence the day before i was let out saying i had a good record. ive explained this to the recruitment process and that what happen that night was a mistake and deeply regret the car accident. No one was killed but a injury was sustained to a driver at the time was touch or go but made a full recovery for which i have medical notes to prove this. I have been told that i need to sita exceptional interview which honestly need advice from you guys in the know and what are the chances of getting excepted in this day of age aprill 2013 i want to work on the subs warfare type and really think i could make a good contribution to the Navy. :neutral:
  2. Did it cross your mind to ask regarding the 'exceptional interview' when at the recruiting office? My reckoning would be they are best placed to give advice on what you need to deliver in regards to your 'exceptional' interview.

    I imagine a very small minority of posters on here have sat through one and as for the rest of us - in my case I sat an interview for the mob some 40+ years ago.

    Good luck and start practicing holding your breath!
  3. Wez

    Have you been in to the AFCO in person, spoken to them on the 'phone or just called the central recruiting number?
  4. Ive spoke over the phone and was told that if i had no conviction i would pass the interview just by my attitude seems fine, however with this unspent conviction it needs to be exceptional, ive spoken to cheif and thought it would be best to bring to the office my file which has all the documents statements etc with regards to the incident that took place. He said that would be good but first he wants to see me and what im about and how open and honest. Honesty is what im about and have really got the right attitude and won awards work in nhs. My concern is do waivers get process depend on number in rn.
  5. Have you made an appointment to see the CPO who runs the Careers Office?
  6. ive spoke to the office and was told that without conviction he would be confindent i would pass it. How long for breath and thanku for reply
  7. You need to move quickly as you are cutting it fine age-wise.
  8. Yess he wants me to sit down and talk about what happen, to be honest it aint good and do feel shite about that dreadfull day it was just out of character, i became complaicent and have learnt the hard way. In prison and anytime when things go bad i have a way of turning a bad experience into something more positive hence been number one and making sure any lads that were vunerable i showed them the ropes even though it was my first and last sentence! The cheif officer is positive towards me aswell
  9. From the Rehabilitation of Offerders Act (ROA). Custodial sentence over 6 months but not over 30 months - rehab (Spent) period is 10 years. Custodial sentence less than 6 months - rehab (Spent) period 7 years. Rehab period is from the date of conviciton. GOOD LUCK. Breath out now ! You can't appeal against it.
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  10. i knw im 35 next month which leaves a year! Can it be done and im in next wednesday, gonna send my conviction file tomorrow with details and at least when i get there next week he be upto speed and prepare his questions, do u think it be a tick in the box?
  11. You need to start at HMS Raleigh no later than the date of your 37th birthday, Wes, but there are waiting times for jobs at the moment, which is why I suggested getting a move on.

    Something you need to know is that this initial meeting will be about permission to proceed with an application. If you are allowed to apply, you will have to sit a test, pass your medical and fitness and have another interview.

    Keep a note of this link, so that if you are allowed to apply, you know about the test:

  12. drakey i got a 24 month conviction they seem to think 5 years and mention changes soon coming in i think you are right. Will it make a diffrence?
  13. Thanks matey i appreciate that link and know its value.
  14. My honest opinion is that you haven't got a snowball's chance in hell. But if you don't ask you will never know. I will be very interested to know the outcome. Good luck

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  15. Gotta agree with Drakey...24 months is the max sentence for Dangerous Driving..so you must have been a very very naughty person.
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