Some of you will be aware that there are a small number of service personnel who have been made redundant a short period prior to their Immediate Pension Point, thus not qualifying for their monthly pension. While they receive a lump sum for severance, this is a small value of what they have earned over the years and will not stretch very far in today’s world. Why should you be interested in this? For the simple reason that if the MoD can pull this morally corrupt act off with no friction or kick back from the masses of regular and reserve service men and woman, it will see the green light to continue this policy, or worse, for Tranche 3 & 4. I ask that you consider supporting this cause by reading, signing and distributing the e-petition. It needs 100,000 signatures to be considered for debate in the House of Commons. While redundancies are inevitable and appropriate in places, the compensation or route out of the service does not reflect the covenant that was agreed originally, or the job offer and acceptance. The fight here is not just for personal gain but for that of those who will face this stark reality. Some will not have a voice or rank loud enough to be heard in the future. If you decide to push this onto your colleagues and friends then the response could be overwhelming. Please do so. It was not easy getting permission for this petition to go live, please don't let it be a waste of effort.Pension Justice for Troops - Pension Justice for Troops - e-petitions