Unlearn 'Whiteness'

From British Columbia, Canada. Seems the 'guilt' is infectious...though this has not gone down too well. Liberal to the point of absurdity? dims.jpg
What a load of utter, utter, utter, utter UTTER sh1te.

I was so amazed by reading this that I am unable to make a proper reply!
Agree SB , York rugby league club of which I am a Vice Pres use their sports complex to train , far superior to some Super League teams and we are the envy of quite a few clubs Because of their sponsorship YSJU name is plastered over the back of our replica shirts , after this article appeared the extraction of urine we have endured tops this site.
I am left totally baffled by this as we are constantly told by people from ethnic backgrounds that they are proud of their ethnicity which I think is OK. Meanwhile the "white" part of the population are asked to be ashamed of their ethnic background because it infers some kind of benefit. There may have been a time many years ago when there was a bias towards white skinned people but there is now equal opportunities for all if they're prepared to put themselves out there and make the effort to integrate as many now do.
Hold on, Stirl. Did you say LEAGUE???????

In that case, might there be a case for unlearning Union............?
Huffington Post
'' So what is unlearning? It is to let go of the things which you have learned. A visual works here. Take a cup, learning represents filling up the cup and unlearning would represent emptying the cup. You empty the cup and fill it up again. You might empty the cup of water and fill it up with a nice nutrient laden ...''

as bad as the original article.