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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seenoffteefcuk, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. i have just been perusing through sports illustrated when i came(literally) across a link to the swimsuit section and found much too my joy some amazing but to me unknown totty.

    i cant post pics(dont know how) so here is names for google

    Elsa Benitez
    Melissa haro
    In my opinion the finer ones.

    If you know of anymore unknown gems please enlighten as i have absolutely no work on today and i'm bored.
  2. Elsa:

  3. Good call, never seen these two either.

    Elsa Benitez:

    Melissa Haro:
  4. I have been a fan of good quality clunge models for a while now (can't be dealing with this Readers Wives or Razzle harridans) a couple who have caught my eye recently who you may not be aware of:

    Evelyn Lory

    Kyla Cole
  5. Romi Bean not bad for a 34 year old in my opinion. :wink:

    Alisson Stokke American pole vaulter
  6. Good call Haggis. Back in a mo'!
  7. Divstastic
    That Elsa bird is a stunner it helps she looks like a bird i once kopped off with.
    I went to school with her she was rats, she grew up i was rats, she got drunk i took advantage.
    fond memories and very good wank bank material.
  8. wank bank full back in a mo
    stokke mmmmmmmmmm an r on the end and she would be perfect
  9. wank bank full back in a mo
    stokke mmmmmmmmmm an r on the end and she would be perfect
  10. Kyla Cole she brings back memories. I do believe that she was the 'star' of the first grotfest I ever bought before I had the luxury of independent internet
  11. Gretchen Bleiler snowborder
  12. Haggis catcher, i am well impressed. Top marks :thumbleft:

    You will have too seek them out and impress them with your new motor.
  13. surely that is not correct rig of the day for snowboarding she will catch her death.
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Chemmy Alcott. British skier. I think she's lovely.



  15. i know were to find the totty anyone fancy a ski trip? :wink:
  16. while were on winter sports hows about this beaut from norway.
    Kari Traa
  17. Some top mentions here chaps.

    I found this chick on Facebook who is a friend of a friend. Thank the Lord for this modern age of internet stalking and where it is an acceptable career for a young lady to get her blarts out for money.

    Some great pics of her here: http://www.purestorm.com/profile.aspx?id=Sofsofsofsof

    Sofie King:
  18. i have just found and ex bird on this site gob smacked to say the least. 8O 8O
  19. Cracking 2 deck and the filter dont block it also i think i need new friends of friends.
  20. That website has made my stalking career so much easier.
    2 Deck i will be nominating you for hero of the week.

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