Unknown Navy bullion badge


I have picked up a large and heavy bullion badge os what appears to be a WW1 era Royal Navy badge with a 'S' at the middle. The badge is about 12 inch square. Can anyone shed any light on this badge ID and purpose. It seems too well made to be an amateur 'Sweetheart' item. Many thanks.



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Not RN but many similar merchant navy ones on eBay and online.

Looks a bit like a Danish crown, definitely not a British one.
Not RN but many similar merchant navy ones on eBay and online.

Looks a bit like a Danish crown, definitely not a British one.
1. Agree - Plum/maroon/crimson/purple - however described that hue is one once favoured by several UK Merchant lines, the capital S may designate which private company - Have you considered inquiring at the Merchant Navy Association here? https://www.mna.org.uk/index.php/contact-us

2, I differ - IMHO that Crown is a poor, probably unofficial, depiction of the Kings or Tudor Crown which was used widely between 1902 and 1952 before being replaced during the current reign*:

<<...The instruction that changed the design of representations of the British Crown in 1952 was HD 4947, the 667th Report of the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals.

"The Queen has seen HD 4946 [previous report of the committee] on the subject of the Royal Cypher and the designs of the representation of the crown. Her Majesty's wishes with regard to the design of representations of the crown where used with the Royal Cypher or otherwise, are as follows.

1. The Queen wishes the St Edward's Crown to take the place of the Tudor Crown in all future designs embodying a representation of the crown.
2. Existing designs should not be changed unless or until it is necessary to do so. (Wherever, however, a design embodying the crown has for any reason to be changed, the St Edward's should be substituted for the Tudor Crown.)
3. No unnecessary expense should be incurred in making the change and where alterations in existing designs would involve such expense it should be deferred.
4. Her Majesty has no objection to two different designs of the crown (i.e. the existing design and the new design) being in use concurrently during the transitional period. [Which was five years.]

This, with some minor variations, was issued by the War Office on 27th October 1952 as 54/GEN A/444(Ord.17), and by the Admiralty on 20th February 1953, as Admiralty Fleet Order 522/53, reference NL/NS 9601/52. No doubt other government offices issued similar notices. [National Archives (PRO) ADM 201/104]...>>


Refs: https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/gb_croed.html and http://fotw.fivestarflags.com/gb-crown.html

*BOBSERVATION - That change, IMO for strong & valid historic/symbolic reasonings, must have cost quite an enormous sum throughout the kingdom & the empire at a period of continuing post war austerity.

Unless the next sovereign has a sudden rush of sh sugar to the brain I'd hope the current Crown stays exactly 'as is'.


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Looking closer at the crown, it looks like thistles coming out of the laurel leaves so if it is British there may be a Scottish connection.
^ My initial thoughts, too.

But, on reflection, those there, and less prominent on similar leafed badges, would appear to be tassles.

{if it is Scottish then these might be just Feathers & Fistles, Jimmy... :WINK}


TASSEL: It was a tassel that was commanded by God to be worn on the borders of all Jewish garments. It became not only an emblem of Christianity but, one of authority, repute and majesty.

LAUREL LEAVES (branch): In ancient times these leaves were used as remedies against poison and were used as tokens of peace and quietness. The branches were held in honour in the temples of ancient Greece.

LEAVES (Bay, Ivy, Oak, Olive): Oak leaves; antiquity and strength. Olive leaves; peace and concord. Ivy leaves; strong and lasting friendship. Bay leaves; the victor's laurel.

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