Unknown Cruiser Found On NCAP Photo


Grenville's the odd one out, the only U - class not beginning in "u" and not scrapped until 1983.

If you check out the other classes from the same era, you will notice that there tends to be an odd one out in them all, Flotilla leaders were named after people rather than given a name to suit the Letter of the Class
Running the Normandy related 'Whitebeam' Forum precludes me taking a more active part on 'Rum Ration' so I hope you guys don't mind me dropping in occasionally with naval queries. I see the '1919 Diary ID' thread still has the highest number of views in the History section thanks to Naval_Gazer and other regulars at the time answering the very many questions posed by this researcher.

A great bunch of people here.


Hi Onion,

Yes, the address for the Whitebeam Forum is Whitebeam Battlefield Research Forum as in my signature below. You are very welcome to sign up and post your query if you want but you will get more specialist knowledge here on Rum Ration and I would be happy to work here with you to repay the work done on this and other threads.

BTW, I came up with my pen name very early one morning about 3:30am and should really have waited until after breakfast :icon_smile:

My name is Pat Curran and I live in County Kilkenny.



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