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I've just come back from a meeting with the local AFCO, I've got my careers pack and application form. I'm just a bit confused - I'm a foundation year student at the University of Southampton, and I'm on a 5 year course (so I finish with an MEng Computer Science). Basically, I'm interested in becoming a Weapons Engineering Officer. That's my end goal in terms of university etc. I have about 360 UCAS points at the present moment, I think the foundation year is worth a certain amount as well, if successfully completed.

What I'm interested in is either a) Cadetships or b) DTUS, but the bloke at the AFCO was a bit generic about these and basically just told me to do the application form and those sort of things come into play at a later stage in the process.

My question is, to those who are familiar with either scheme, is it possible to get DTUS sponsorship as a Computer Science undergrad? And equally, how does the applications process to join the Navy look if one is going to be at university for a few more years?

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Cadetships only apply to Medics and Dentists.
DTUS v Bursary: DTUS (Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme) is only available at certain Universities (7 I think), including Southampton. As long as you are doing an engineering degree, I think you're ok.

As a priority, you need to see the ACLO for your area to discuss Officer career options.
Usually a Bursary is applied for before going to University and it only applies for a Bachelors degree. As you are doing a foundation year, you may still be able to apply, however previous (ACLO) point applies!