University, RMR and varying work hours

Hello everyone,

I have seen already that there are a couple of threads on this topic but none that are really up to date,

I was speaking to the head of my local RMR unit and he suggested coming down for a PRMC in September this year ,to join and earn my green beret before finishing university ( I have 2 years left), and before i reach Dartmouth(2017)

I realise it takes up a couple of evenings a week and plenty of weekends. All of next year I will be on an A&E placement where it is likely my 'shifts' will be quite irregular

I am just wondering if anyone else has been at uni and gone through the RMR at the same time? and how they found balancing the two? or had a similar issue with varying work hours and how they dealt with this?

Cheers for your help,



I persuaded my nephew to join the RMR whilst at Uni (engineering so a little work required!). He also worked some evenings and at weekends to pay his way through. Different to having fixed or long shifts in the ED (!) but he still completed his Commando Cse before graduating.

I know a fair few Surg Lt who got their Commando Course done whilst at Uni/F1/F2, so it can be done. It will probably mean you don't do anything else in your life though!
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