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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wannabe_Officer, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how this works and if there are any opportunities at the moment, please? I have just started an application for the bursary through uni but this sounds good.
  2. The last UCE I bumped into at BRNC was going in as a SM Warfare officer. I know that you have to do very well at AIB to be considered and be going for a branch that has shortages.

    Which branch are you considering?
  3. I heard its alot to do with your academic ability and apititude. As well as HIGH AIB scores, you need A grades at A level or equiv ideally. If youre good enough youd probs be considered whatever branch you were applying for. Be in mind that there are only two or three available each year apparently. Best of luck if youre gonna go for it mate.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Correct, the UCE & Bursary scheme is aimed at academic high-flyers and the basic threshold for selection primarily entails excellent academic qualiications. For both UCE & Bursar you need to pass AIB with top marks overall. UCE's join Dartmouth first, undergo training, then go to Uni. Bursars complete Uni, then join. as with all things there's a return of service (Nothing's free!). If you don't join as a Bursar, you have to pay-back the Bursary.

    Another way of earning some income, gaining an excellent background knowledge prior to taking AIB, whilst at Uni is to join the URNU.

    Further information on Sponsorship is on the RN Website & you would be advised to get in touch with your AFCO sooner rather than later. (Link below)

    Good luck.
  5. Right, first up a health warning: I took my AIB for UCE nearly 12 years ago, so the specifics may be a little out of date, but the general principles remain the same.

    Getting a cadetship is achievable, if it wasn't then the RN wouldn't be handing them out. Don't use the "scare stories" and high standards put you off, but you do need to have a bit of nous about you.

    High academic grades are all well and good, but don't kid yourself that all they are looking for is an Oxbridge candidate: you can be clever but fail to lead people out of a brown paper bag! Of the UCEs in my entry, less than a quarter went to Oxbridge, the rest of us took degrees at red bricks, in a whole host of degrees (ranging from Opto-electronics to Oceanography via Modern History).

    Without wishing to speak on behalf of Captain AIB, what they are looking for is leadership potential - I took my AIB at 15, the only thing I'd led at that point was, well frankly, nothing! Give the leadership tasks bags of enthusiasm, don't be cowered by the rest of the board but do know when to shut up. Don't worry if you c*ck something up, acknowledge it and move on. Use your innate intelligence and confidence - I disagreed completely with the rest of my board on the Command Task and told the PSO when I went in to provide my answer.

    This all sounds a bit fluffy and underwhelming, but if you've got some specific questions, feel free to PM or leave a message on here. Good luck, and remember UCEs are the Admirals of the future ;)
  6. Thanks. I should be able to get A's at A-level with a bit of work and I got all *'s in my GCSE's so I'm hoping to be fine on the academic front. I'm more worried about the AIB really. I've applied for a bursary but is this set in stone or could they offer UCE anyway if I were good enough?
  7. I was only going for a VIth form scholarship and was told I was in the running for a Cadetship; I think the Cadetship's are formally given out on completion of A levels. I presume it's to make sure you get into uni etc etc. I remember only having 2 weeks to get my kit list together before joining BRNC (and in those days it included collar studs amongst other strange things).
  8. Not too sure if they are automatically given out after 6th Form.

    When I was down at the AIB last year, I was going for Warfare Officer and so was another chap on my board, but he was also going for UCE.

    The chap on my board took the AIB during year 11 to get a 6th form Burs and then was called back to the AIB to re-do the whole process to see if he would qualify for UCE.

    I would check with your ACLO to see what the current state is. I am going for Direct Entry, so i am not that clued up on the UCE pipeline.
  9. Am I right in understanding that you have to be on a recognised degree to qualify of UCE as well as the other forms of funding? If so is there a list of degrees which are suitible or is it 'common sense and AFCO time' :sad7:

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