Unisex Loos or Gender Benders


War Hero
I read that as hoovered first, ew :( the hover technique has been passed through the generations of women, its not just the men however, in the ladies toilets theres always at least one seat with wee one- i hope they failed at hovering correctly otherwise i worry about the state of their lady bits! My housemates are men and too lazy to put the seat up, but luckily we have two so i have managed to get my own lav, positive exploitation of the seat issue :p

Word of advice, dont talk dirty to the inmates, there'll be bedroom lights going on all over rumration land


War Hero
No. You are too lazy to put the seat down.

Anyway, tell me more about the ladies' piss on the seats, I've got some tissues.

Haha no, i grew up in a male dominated house and learnt putting the seat up was less hassle then cleaning or arguing :p however this was a genius plan by myself which ensured i had a nice toilet to use, not a smelly man one!

If you have tissues out over that you must have issues (just as it rhymed i felt it appropriate)


War Hero
Rachel 3 have you no compassion for a lonesome matelot like Guzzler. Humour him so tha he doesn't get a build up of tissues around his gaff.