Unisex Loos or Gender Benders

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. How about
  2. Thats totally disgusting! Brighton council should hang their heads in shame for having such a perverted idea.
  3. Never been abroad then RDMT?
  4. Yes i have and i can say i am not impressed! Why this country has to copy other countries is beyond me, We in this country dont seem to have our own ideas the next thing you know we will copying the french and standing up to go for a shoite, i hated them loos i did.
  5. Strange part of France you went to, in the Middle East and beyond , you crouch over a hole!
  6. stand crouch whatever! Flush you down the focking toilet with my pish and shoite.
  7. Are they just not trying to save money? Rather than building and maintaining three types of toilet, male, female and not so sure?
  8. Agree. Don't see why it's a 'sex' issue at all. We share the shitters (forum checked) on trains don't we? I would think it's a case of 'nothing to see here...'
  9. Very well but as the status quo stands in Tamworth don't try that as an excuse in your defence will you?:eek:mfg:
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  10. Theres 3 at uni, never seen anyone come out of them but sure they tick a few boxes on the equal opps form. Just toilets without urinals in really, however theyre in addition to standard male and female lavs. Safer to have seperate loos i think, await eagerly the innapropriate behaviour cases.
  11. ...but a few go in eh? Mwahahaha...
  12. What, Harry Potter style?
  13. Seems par for the course, you cover every thread in RR in it.
  14. Don't know. Am unfamiliar with the details of the workings of the fragrant Ms Rowling.
  15. In one of the books\films, the characters enter the underground Ministry of Magic by standing in a bog. I suppose to a teenager that's hilarious ...
  16. Birds have bin using mens bogs for yonks in busy pubs when all their traps are occupied, and unisex loos are nothing new.
  17. Blimey, what can we say?
  18. Just had a thought on this .... unless they are going to put in the crouch over the hole type which I doubt ... it will just give the females a bit more to moan about when they "always have to put the seat down"!
  19. Went in today and it doesnt lead anywhere special :( the toilet seat had been nicked however thus eliminating the up or down debate of the seat!

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