Union suggests using Cadet Forces in schools for discipline

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by thingy, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. They did, but they must have been different teachers ;)
  2. Great, send your kids off to Cadets where they can mix with delinquents who don't want to be there.

    Looks like another left wing wheeze to bugger up the Cadet Corps.
  3. Re: Union suggests using Cadet Forces in schools for discipl

    Different union
  4. HHmm, an interesting 'Union', unaffilliated to the TUC it says on their 'About us page' on their website.
    Bit of a stalking horse for the more Right Wing thinking educator me thinks.
  5. I definitely agree with this, after being in the cadets for a few years now (take the p*ss all you like, doesnt bother me) I'd hate to be with trouble makers and tw*ts especially on weapon ranges and on camps, just no trust for em all if they offend at school, what stops them offending at cadets?. I reckon most of the b*stards will just treat it like a second school and have disrespect for everything, however maybe a few would gain from the cadets. I would'nt put my money on it though...

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  6. Re: Union suggests using Cadet Forces in schools for discipl

    Please excuse me, but just as a matter of interest, how long did you serve in the Royal Navy?
  7. Have a look at their website, they're 'independant' of the TUC, so it's more likely they're to the right of centre and this idea is along the lines of a short sharp shock routine.
    Why should the Cadet force have to put up with uniterested stroppy youths, if the teachers want discipline they should try and instil it into the little barstewards themselves.
    Hardly likely though from a bunch of numpties who can't openly call themselves what they are...Tories.
  8. At school we used to have several troublemakers who disrupted lessons for the rest of us. They could have done with a spell on Devil's Island.
  9. I'm all in favour of more cadet forces in schools, I've always judged it as quite a shame that all but a very few schools other than public schools have CCF units. But for quite different reasons to these teachers I suspect.

    They shouldn't be thought of as a teacher's method of recreating Boot Camp, or whatever that TV programme was called.
  10. Re: Union suggests using Cadet Forces in schools for discipl

    higthepig. Good point; subtly put.

    NZ_Bootneck. I must confess to having not looked at their Website. I read Teacher and Union and left the Pavlovian reaction on auto. The last teacher I remember that didn't fall into the lefty or woolly category was in Junior school.
  11. Methinks this lot would wear a lot of tweed and reek of 'Old Holburn' pipe tobacco and that's just the female members. :dwarf: :thumright:
    The NUT they ain't!
  12. having read the first post (cant find the article in the link), i must strongly dissagree with this idea.

    the cadets that turn up to cadet units are there willingly.

    making unruly kids join, or introducing cadet units into schools and making it a requirement for kids to join will do nothing for the cadets who want to be there.

    at present we have very little (if any) powers to discapline a cadet.

    we have what is called the white guide, which is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard, in my opinion.

    any youth organisation will only work for 2 reasons.

    staff want to be there

    cadets want to be there.

    without one, there is no reason for the other.

    the SCC currently have over 400 units throughout the UK, and are struggling for kit, equipment, and funding, but the goverment decided to earmark £80 million plus for ccf in state schools.

    the cadet forces as a whole are strugling for funding, but rather than bulster the existing units, the goverment had a brain fart, and are trying to replicate what is already in existance in many towns.

    we have a core of 7 staff with over 120 years experience in the cadets.

    why try and re write the bible?
  13. Re: Union suggests using Cadet Forces in schools for discipl

    Yeah we get this BS down here too. One minute they dont want kids in uniform the next they do (but with conditions) give me a break!

    The ADFC (Australian Defence Force Cadets) dont want anyone who dont want to be in the ADFC.

    on the subject of reintroducing the cadets back into state schools it was the teachers union that wanted them out!
  14. I think that more funding should be put aside for existing Cadet Units, separate it from school, just being in a non-school environment will often calm unruly pupils down in the first place. However, no-one should be forced to join the cadets, many who do on the whims of their parents cause trouble and make it difficult for those that do want to be there.

    Let the cadets get into schools, and attract those that do want to be there. Leave school discipline to the teachers, it is up to them to control the classroom not the cadet forces.

    Interestingly, it would appear that the CCF is the force that is least represented at BRNC, quite a few SCC and even ATC surprisingly.
  15. Re: Union suggests using Cadet Forces in schools for discipl

    P_O I agree, however, the Teachers dont want to be OOC/IOC. anyway, discipline starts at home..dosent it? Along with manners? Or am I from another galaxy far far away?

    In the private sector where cadet units are they have some great teacher OOC not too many IOC and some bloody shockers.
    The private schools do not let someone from outside school to be involved.
    Having said that the ADFC have a lot of staff who are state school teachers.

    OOC = Officer Of Cadets. IOC = Instructors Of Cadets (Senior Sailors)
    ADFC = Australian Defence Force Cadets :whew:

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