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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stoker-steam, Jun 2, 2013.

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    Hi Folks, I well remember The Star, and those bloody brain debilitating scrumpy mixes that our clan of Stokers used to conjure up, :sleepy3: And of course BooB's, but I am lost on Diamond Lil's. I think it was behind the Castle, could anyone shed some light please?

    Cheers, Chris.
  2. Just off the Octagon
  3. Thanks Rab, so it was not behind the Castle, my memory is fading. I think BooB's went on to be Choo Choo's but I had long left by then.
  4. Why was it that the 'midnight stripper' when we were alongside usually had the Cox'n and the Chief Stoker in addition to the St Budeaux lovelies?
  5. Diamond lils used to be behind the castle. You went in the door at the front, turn right for the castle (bar with dart board), or just go straight on to diamond lils...
  6. Diamond Lills entrance was a door next to the Castle, in fact if Ronnie Potter the owner of both Lills and the Castle:clap: was in a good mood and you had been drinking in the Castle for most of the evening he would let you in for FREE!.
  7. Spot on.you've stirred the grey cells there Nick.
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  8. I remember Union Strasse fondly ; getting a tattoo done by "Professor Rex Zeta " , drinking in the Palace Long Bar , trying to trap at the "Royal Naval School Of Dancing"- there was a good Chinky Nosh near the railway bridge , I seem to recall , although that was for Seamen & Stokers ; we AED Airey Fairy - types dined at The Berni Grand on The Hoe (naturally ).
  9. My grey cells are going but wasn't The Castle just on the corner of the Octagon or am I in totally the wrong area?
  10. Rab the picky shows the castle the building behind was befor the Octagon, pub of a few names over the years, If I remember the beer keller was also by the Castle?
  11. Bier Kellar was in the back of the London Bar.
  12. There was also THE STAR OF THE WEST, just off the Strasse, another scrumpy house where the clientele was a bit rougher than the STAR (yes, it's possible). Sadly now long gone, tarmacked over and the site of a car park.You could order a pint and a blow job in the old days.
  13. The Star was always Sovereigns JR's meeting place back in the 70's, the landlord knew us all and would let us cash cheques for £20 (limit on bank cards in them thar days) and that kept you going for a while as it was 35p per pint :)
  14. Thanks for that, I did wonder if years of Old Rosie had clouded my memory, all the best.

    Keep It Slack!!
  15. Ah, the Bier Kellar..... where it was mandatory to nick a litre stein, which shattered when you filled it from the tea urn in the galley next morning!

    Happy daze!

    I remember Union Street being from the railway bridge (where Toys'r'us is now) all the way down to the Stonehouse roundabout. The closer you go to Stonehouse, the cheaper the booze got! Lots of cracking second hand shops in those days too.
  16. And the closer to Stonehouse the ruffer they got, my Cider hole used to be united service just before stonehouse roundabout, where you could get a gallon carry out which was a 10 pint bottle, twats were trying to wreck my kidneys. oh the crazy days of purple parashoots
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    A gallon carry out that was a TEN pint bottle? No wonder all those pubs have shut down!
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  18. We introduced lots of female guests to the joys of Purple Parachutes during mess socials..............
    Had to use Blackthorn and Woods or Lambs.

    Once had them on a run in the Burg with Diamond White and Pusser's!
  19. The extra 2 pints were evil made my head hurt and shit go through the eye of a needle?

    I think the times and cost of cider killed them off.

    Back in the 70’s UK slapped a tax on French wine as it had high alcohol content; the French said they would do that to our cider as it was stronger than their wine?

    That started the wrong people drinking cider and forcing the price up, so the dive frequenters could no longer afford
    Then idiots started to look into the process of making scumpy, something to do with health and safety and rotting apples did not match, so to comply with rules cost went up.
    So I recon you can blame the French, Yuppies and health and safety and obviously the government for downsizing the navy thus removing the scrumpy houses main sourse of income, for closing all the spit and sawdust scrumpy houses on Union Street or somfink like that?:neutral:
  20. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm happy to go along with blaming those damn French! Good theory!

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