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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by pingbosun72, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Just had a weekend with the missus in Devonport. Went down to visit/look round the Courageous, which I was on in 1973, what a superb job the volunteer guides etc have done on her, and what memories came "flooding" (bad word) back, also in the submarine graveyard was/is the Valiant and Warspite, both of which I served on, what a shame to see them in the state that they are now, oh well, they will be there for a few years yet. We had a wander down union street for an afternoon wet, but there was nothing there !! Only pub that was open was a grotty hole called the "Firkin Doghouse" with miserable bar staff to match, Plymouth has changed, definately not what it used to be, even the Royal fleet club, where we stayed was pretty rank, owned by a private firm now and full of civvies and a couple of dole dossers. There, Ive had my whinge now. Does anyone else agree, even Pompey is full of boarded up pubs just outside the gate. :crying: :toilet: :tp:
  2. Went back to Pompey a couple of years ago, No MF, the pubs cater for students more than jack. The dockyard ropestores full of restaurants & cafes. More ships decommissioned in the dockyard than in the fleet.

    Will never go back.
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  3. I agree with you mate, going back to Gus in 2010 for a reunion and that is it, Pompey with no submarines, Gus with no union street, time to go deep and forget... :salut:
  4. How do you think WE feel?
    Still in the mob (20 years) and watching everything erode.
  5. Even most of the Ho's have departed Milbay
  6. I don't know who said it, but it's true "Never go back". I live within striking distance of Guzz, and whenever I have to go there I try to avert my eyes from scenes that might distress me. It took me years just to drive past the gates of RNH. As for Union Strasse, forget it: well, almost; at least Joe Fenek's is still there. The worst part for me was a recent visit to a friend who now lives in an apartment in one of the old wards in RNH; he couldn't understand why I was crying!! I'm filling up now at the loss of all that I held dear! :crybaby:
  7. So leave!
  8. Was on the "Mean Machine" (Courageous) 1974-1979 myself.....
    Warspite as well after that. As for Union Street - there's more
    life in Matalans on a wet Sunday afternoon.

  9. Yeah ok, 2 years before my pension, I'll put in my notice :roll:
  10. It's amazing how when you join, you think "who are all these miserable old farts hankering for the old days, when things were better?". Now, after a decade of service, please welcome me amongst the "It ain't like it used to be" brigade.
  11. Some things in Plymouth have not changed.
    I just stayed at the Holiday Inn and they still think olive green bathroom suites are fashionable. The place seems exactly the same as it was 30 years ago.
    Never been too keen on retro me.
  12. I now it is grotty now but one thing that aint changed is the standard of the civvy birds. pure class
  13. I visited last Crimbo. Crying shame to see the trees growing out of the Palace Theatre and breath the smell of rot. Guz is rather like my home town; happy to demolish buildings that have class and style and replace them with shite.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And who do ou think is to blame for the erosion of these so-called "matelot's pubs"? The same Nelson/Drake orphans who go ashore every pay day and spunk their wages on pointless attempts to trap classy women in crap trendy bars in Gunwharf/Barbican centre every weekend... 8O :oops:

    The local pub scene is alive and well in Pompey and Guzz, if people can be bothered to deviate from Route Alpha and search them out. And the beer is usually cheaper too... :wink:
  15. So whats new?
    It has always been that way. This thread is about the demise OF route alpha :roll:
  16. Absolutely!

    Whilst down at Excellent a few months ago, I walked out the gate, crossed the road, into Fratton and had more than a few in the very same pubs I frequented over 25-30 years ago. These places are still alive and kicking.

    Must admit though, I miss the MF..! :(
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    But Route Alpha was what you made of it. I know matelots who slag off how crap Pompey/Guzz are, but base their observations on their own experience of the place (i.e. from the Dockyard to Guildhall/Union Street). Hardly the basis of sound criticism?

    However I agree that Union Street is not half what it was 20 years ago, but to be fair I prefered to drink down the lanes around The Barbican anyway. Too many stabbings/bottlings from then gangs of Royals from Stonehouse when I used to go drinking there... :oops:

    As for Pompey, Guildhall Square was once the main thoroughfare of matelot pubs, but is now considered the main pub/club scene for the whole of Portsmouth. So it's hardly in decline - just being frequented by other social groups, other than matelots...
  18. I agree there, never liked the Strasse at all, far too much agro for me, even as a youngster. The pubs around Stoke (the "Village"!) are much better.
  19. RIP Joanna' disco.

    Was there the night she closed her doors to us all. Sgt Pepperband is right, there are only so many youngters (of all kinds, not just us jolly jack tars) in Pompey. Gunwharf Quays has killed Southsea as a night out.
  20. For those who have not been back here in many a year, photos
    of some tired, falling-to-bits places:-


    For those with Live Maps (Microsoft Virtual Earth).....A link to Union Strasse:-


    And if you want a book about the place:-


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