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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Leatherneck, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. It's me, the misguided former yank Marine. I have to appeal to the British wisdom once again.

    Right, on US Navy ships, Aircraft Carriers excluded, there is a small flag, Royal blue, with loads of stars. I asked an American sailor WTF does that flag mean? He replied that it was called a Union Jack. But no Sailor has ever been able to tell me what it represents.

    Can anyone help me? Or direct me down the right path?

    Cheers in advance.

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. It was the Union flag, on the Jackstaff.
    Hence, Union Jack :)
  4. Brilliant! Thanks Mate I'm looking into a subscription.
  5. I see your Union Jack on the bow of the ship in your post.

    The Union Jack I'm referring to is different, it's just Navy Blue with stars. But thanks anyway, perhaps it's an American thing and represents the union of the original 13 colonies.
  6. Thats what I said :)

    The (US) Union Flag, on a JackStaff (The pole at the front of a ship) hence, Union Jack ;)

    Our is only the Union Jack when it is flying at the front of a ship (the Jackstaff). Any other time, its the (British) Union Flag :)
  7. AHHHH I now understand the difference. Thank you for the translation.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm sure a bunting tosser will come along to correct me but

    "The Union Flag is flown on the Jack staff of any Warship when at anchor or secured alongside, it is then know as the Union Jack. The only time the Union Jack is flown underway is when the ship is dressed overall."

    I await the corrections :rendeer:
  9. Here's the wikipedia page regarding the (US) Union Jack... apparently since '02 it's been replaced by the "First Navy Jack" for all USN vessels.
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Can also be warn when dressed with Masthead Ensigns too, which IIRC would be worn when accompanying the Royal Yacht.
  11. Well there ya have it. I was on the right track, but way off at the same time. Our Union Jack was taken from the blue field of our national ensign. Had it represented the original colonies it would have had only 13 stars.

    Thank you mates for clearing that up. Seems odd that American sailors had no idea what it stood for. :rendeer:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Fecking anorak :dwarf: :thumright:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not to some of us :dwarf:
  14. Gonna get grilled a bit more here, but, I was watching QI lately and they said that you can call the Union Jack that name when its on land or anywhere else, as it was said in parliament a long time ago that it was entirely allowable to call it the union jack instead of union flag.
  15. As I understood it too, but I wonder why Lamri's picture signature of F99 appears to show her under way, but still flying the Jack ?

  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It depends on who you believe, politicians or matelots/ex-matelots.
  17. Wouldn't be surprised though, it isn't as if anyone ever called it the Union Flag anyway. It was always known as the Union Jack :)
  18. Indeed Lamri - flying the Union Jack and the Ensign, during what looks like Proc A!

    Can someone who knows more about this stuff inform further?
  19. There was a bit of confusion in there. I had a few British pen mates who referred to your national ensign as a Union Jack, I had been referring to it as the Union Flag.
  20. You are correct mate, our national flag is known as the Union flag

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