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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. :money: Treating CinC Nag Home to a night in the smoke. We have booked in at the UJC, anybody stayed there?
    Whats it like?
    Brakfast is not included, would you buy one or go elsewhere?

    Cheers Shipmates!!!! :thumright:
  2. Stayed there many times but over 23 years ago.
    It must have changed by now but then the cabins were extremely spartan, no en-suite and narrow pussers beds.
    The bar was full of ex members of the services who seemed to rule the place.
    Hopefully it has changed for the better.
    Seemingly the Chevrons club was far superior, more like a gentleman's club. :thumright:
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  3. I spent a night there during a rail strike in the 1990s. It was much better than I expected. The beds had sheets! :razz:
  4. I stayed there many years ago also. I remember being given a room on the 13th floor! A summers hot night in London, window open, couldn't sleep due to trains in/out of Waterloo and its little other station close by. At that time the "club" was being used as a billet for Metropolitan police as a kind of single mans billet, hence less room for Jack. As has been said, it was spartan,with no ensuite but is sufficed for the night I was stuck in London late on a Thursday afternoon and could not make the 4 hour drive home.
  5. Was gonna stay there myself along with Mrs Grubz this week. Place was booked solid anyway, but upon looking into it, I found it to be no cheaper than any other good quality hotel, if you look on hotels.co.uk.
  6. Went there late 1956, no memories at all, lost a bottle of whisky in St James`s Park, buried it and couldn`t find it the next day, probably still there.
  7. Basic but clean and tidy. They have ensuite rooms now too, for a few quid extra.
  8. It was very nice. Thanks Hig! :thumright:
  9. Stayed a few months ago. rooms are clean and decent. we used the no breakfast as an excuse to explore the restaurants and cafe's lots o fry up places in the area some nice pubs a short walk along the river as well.
  10. I thought it was great, and really convienient. Everything you need for a nice weekend!
  11. Well done fellas, give your opinion on something you haven't frequented for 25 years why don't you? That's like me saying I wouldn't go to Dubai if I were you, went there in 82 and no-one speaks English and there's only one decent hotel. Idiots. I have been there lots recently and it is a s good as most of the Hotels in London. Excellently located, the food is superb and there's great dits to be had in the bar. Cannot reccomend it highly enough, the manager is also an absolutely superb bloke. :thumright:
  12. Why not try the Victory Service Clubs near Marble Arch? Its right on the corner of Edgeware Road and Oxford Street and is open to all ranks/rates. Some rooms are without facilities (like UJC) so you have to ask to get an en-suite. I stayed there last month after the Foo Fighters concert at Wembley and as a place to crash out in the centre of town it was absolutely fine, and a few quid cheaper than the UJC.
  13. I'd also recommend the VSC, good location, decent facilities and reasonable rates. the shared facilities are ok, and private, and the en-suites are comparable to many in town.

  14. You have Borough market at your doorstep; just about the best selection of things to eat and drink in Europe. The place has been rebuilt and is truly amazing, don't miss it.
  15. You saucy git, I was there last year. Though was very drunk. Again. Agree re Borough Market mind! :thumright:
  16. Excellent Place to stay especially if you are a Member at Members rates. You can have whatever sort of brekkie you want from the Full Choice at about £6.75 to coffe and toast for a couple of quid. The Secretary (Manager) of the UJC is Lt Col Tony Davies MBE who was the RSM of the Welsh Guards during the Falklands Conflict. A great bloke and the current Chairman of the South Atlantic Medal Association 1982 [SAMA(82)].

    The food for Lunch and Dinner is superb. The bar prices are reasonable for London and the craic is ninety if there is a good crowd in. Best time for a laugh is on the Saturday or Sunday night over the Remembrance weekend but for accom on that weekend you need to book two years in advance!!!!!

    SAMA (82) are holding their AGM and Reunion weekend at the UJC in March 2009, if you are a Falkland Vet we would love to welcome you. Ther are 3, 2,1 night and Dinner Only packages available for this event.
  17. Haha you tell em Motigny! Corker!
  18. Walls are a bit thin, my advice take the ball gag.
  19. Nice place to stay, stayed there a fortnight ago and will be staying there again this friday night prior to heading for Glasgow. Some rooms are basic but the on suites are pretty good.
    Have stayed there probably 3 or 4 times a year for the last 17 years but i have also stayed at the VSC up at marble arch and that is pretty good.
    UJC banter can sometimes be excellent, but when its quiet it can be difficult to strike up a conversation with the bar staff as most of them are foreign and havent a clue about the armed forces
    Hope you and the CinC have a good time

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