Union for Commonwealth soldiers.


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This is sad if all the article is true.

I wonder if it is legal...
So 6% of the British Army are mercenaries............? Why aren't they given citizenship when they sign the contract and allowed to retain it if they complete their contract.

A private in the British army is to set up a union for Commonwealth soldiers who feel that they have been the victim of unfair treatment or racism in the ranks.

Marlon Clancy, who was born in Belize, said yesterday he had been the victim of racist bullying, intimidation and discrimination within the army and that nothing had been done despite his complaints. More than 6,000 Commonwealth soldiers are serving at present, a figure that has increased dramatically from 430 in 2000.

link is:http://www.modoracle.com/
did anyone ever tell marlon the old chestnut.."If you cant take a joke you should'nt of joined", ffs whatever next, someone will sue the MOD in a minite because they never got to go on the windsurfing board they saw in the joining up ads.
The next thing will be the compo caim.

I suspect some of the things they complain about are true, for example courses, do you spent a lot of cash doing specialist training for some one who can and may pop of to their home country pretty soon, or do you give it to some one who is likely to stay with you for the next 15 years.

Equally some ones racial harrasment is some one elses messdeck banter.

Even so at the back of ones mind there are the various cases particularly in the army of bullying so there may be something behind it at least in some places.